Nokia Lumia 900 to be released in mid-March?

Nokia officially revealed the Lumia 900 smartphone during CES 2012 this week. The Windows Phone-based device has received a lot of acclaim during the trade show and won "best smartphone" at the official Best of CES awards on Thursday. However, neither Nokia nor the phone's wireless carrier AT&T have officially revealed when the smartphone would be released in the US.

Now two separate but unconfirmed reports seem to indicate that the Lumia 900's launch is only a couple of months away. One is from Nokia's own web newsletter to developers which stated the Lumia 900 would be released in March 2012. The other comes from the latest Windows Weekly web news show on TWiT where journalist Paul Thurrott stated that the phone would come out on March 18th.

Just a reminder: The Lumia 900 will have a 4.3 inch screen, a 1.4 Ghz single core processor, 512 MB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and support for AT&T's small but growing LTE wireless network. You can check out some brief but hands on CES 2012 impressions of the Lumia 900 right here at Neowin.

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