Microsoft patents camera voice controls for Windows Phone

Microsoft seems to be dabbling in improved voice control features for Windows Phone, as a patent has been filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office that shows how the company may use voice commands to give users the ability to take pictures just by saying a word.

Patent Bolt reports that the patent, which was filed way back in 2011, would allow Microsoft to embed some interesting controls in its camera app. These would allow users to take pictures, change settings and possibly even share images using only their voice. While this may not sound terribly useful, there are certain cases where the technology would come in handy, especially if a user doesn't want to touch the device for fear of ruining a shot.

Of course this technology isn't really new and there's no word when, or even if, we’ll see this integrated into the Windows Phone operating system. It’s worth noting that companies that spend a great deal of effort on R&D are filing patents all the time but much of that technology doesn't make it into final products.

Source: Patent Bolt via WPCentral| Image via Patent Bolt

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Not sure this is patent worthy or not - I'd tend to go with not. Issuing voice commands to a smart device is hardly new at all.

However, does this mean a potential future clash between MS and Google - after all Google Glass seems to have the ability to take pictures following nothing more than a voice command?

Cant see the use in this, other than maybe to replace a timer camera, so you place the phone somewhere and get into position then tell the phone to take the pic?

insanelyapple said,
I would rather want apps on SD card.

how is this relevant? I mean working on one aspect/feature for the platform or even just filling a patent has no effect on other features, its like you think its a one man dev team....