Microsoft posts mysterious Office 2013 survey: "Want more free time?"

Microsoft still hasn't announced a specific launch date for the general availability of Office 2013, although some reports claim it will launch on March 31. However, it seems that Microsoft is preparing its mighty marketing machine to start promoting Office 2013 with ... something.

Specifically, the official Office blog posted up a note today that links to a new online survey. However, the survey's theme doesn't directly talk about Office 2013, but rather has the theme of how people spend their time and how much would it be worth to them to save time to do the things they like.

One of the questions asks how manageable your to-do list is, while another asks how much time you might save if you were more organized. Yet another question ask how much you might pay to have your life more organized. Other parts of the survey ask how much you spend on subscription services such as cable TV, newspapers and the like and why you buy subscriptions.

Microsoft does state upfront, "Your survey answers will not be linked to you in any way, and we will not, as a result of your responses, contact you for the purpose of promoting any product or service." However, it's still not really clear how this online survey relates to Office 2013. The blog post states simply, "We promise to return the favor soon by bringing you new features and capabilities in Microsoft Office that will help save you time so you can do more of the things you love to do."

We have contacted Microsoft to get more information and will update this post if and when we receive a response.

Source: Office blog | Image via Microsoft

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Based on the questions, it seems more likely that it's related to the marketing of the Office 2013 subscriptions. One of the questions specifically asks why you use subscriptions, and one of the choices is something along the lines of using the product for the whole family / house. That seems pretty intermingled with Office 2013's subscriptions being for 5 PCs.

"save if you were more organizes"
And before anyone chants the 'use the report button' -> I don't see a report button, if you do, let me know.
Also this survey is a tad bit crap;
'Does technology (smart phones, tablets, laptops, apps, software) help you get more organized and save time?
No, I'm not tech-savvy enough for it to help me
Somewhat, but I wish it was easier to use
Yes, absolutely'
How about a 'No, it doesn`t at all and has nothing to do with my tech-savviness'?
'Why do you purchase subscriptions?'
No option for 'I don`t'. The only thing that can be learnt from this survey is the people that created it are idiots.

n_K said,
"save if you were more organizes"
And before anyone chants the 'use the report button' -> I don't see a report button, if you do, let me know.

hover your mouse over the posters name in the top under the article titpe a menu will drop down > report error item it's not a button like everyone says, but a menu item in an obscure menu