Microsoft quietly re-releases security patch

Earlier this month, Microsoft released a number of security patches for its software products as part of its monthly "Patch Tuesday". However, a problem with one of those updates has resulted in Microsoft re-releasing the patch to fix a problem that crept up afterwards. reports that the patch in question had the official name MS12-078/KB 2753842 and it was supposed to fix a security problem with Microsoft's OpenType Compact Font Format drive. However, after the patch was released this month, reports began to show up that certain OpenType fonts had disappeared in various programs, including PowerPoint, Excel, and others.

Microsoft admitted a few days ago, "The original version of security update 2753842 had an issue related to OTF (OpenType Font) rendering in applications such as PowerPoint on affected versions of Windows." It then released a new version of that patch that is designed to correct the font problems.

If you have already installed the patch on your PC, the Automatic Update feature in Windows should indicate that you will have to install this new version to receive the corrected security patch. By the way, the patch corrects an exploit that so far has not been reported to have been used by hackers.


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I'm confused, I installed the patches on Tuesday and yet I don't see the new patch? how quickly was the new patch released? I remember seeing one a few days later - is that the patch they're talking about?

There is another problem with latest updates and there are few people including me facing it. My Windows 8 desktop doesn't shutdown or sleep and I have to force a power off every time.
If I do Power > shutdown or type shutdown /s /t 00 in command prompt - nothing happens. I just get thrown back to whatever I was doing as if I didn't do anything!

Pluto is a Planet said,
Are you using a different Antivirus software besides Windows Defender?

Defender gets disabled when another AV product is installed, and people should use those that are marked for Windows 8 to avoid issues, Avast and Symantec work without issues, didn't get to test others.
Neither have I seen the shutdown issue on any of my 3 Windows 8 PC's.

Max Norris said,
As a guess, some people disable automatic updates for whatever reason and would otherwise miss this revised update.

exactly....I never enable auto updates on my computers cause of reasons like this and times when I may not want to update right then and there..wanting to make sure all is good a few days/weeks before hand.

Phouchg said,
We have to go deeper! You have to update Windows Update to update your updates.


Yo Dawg! We heard you like updates so we updated your updates so you can update your updates

Not entirely wrong.

Windows Update site (for Windows XP) always checks if client has an up-to-date version of Windows Update component before it allows one to the update site. And I seem to remember that I've seen Vista asking to update Windows Update as well. Both well before these two memes.

Phouchg said,
And I seem to remember that I've seen Vista asking to update Windows Update as well. Both well before these two memes.

Yep, you're right