Microsoft rolls out tutorial site for new programmers

Microsoft Corporation has launched the Beginning Developer Learning Center Web Site, designed to help people with no programming experience learn to build Windows applications or Web sites using Visual Studio 2005. It currently offers 45 lessons and 31 short "how-to" videos on programming using Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition products. Each lesson takes about 20 to 40 minutes, according to Microsoft, and is provided in multiple content types, including video/audio, documentation and hands-on labs. The lessons are divided into Windows or Web development with multiple tiers of lessons.

The first tier of lessons assumes that students have no prior knowledge of programming and teaches them basic concepts, and the next level assumes some understanding of .Net development techniques. Students who reach the final tier are taught more advanced concepts, such as data access and debugging. Those who complete a series of lessons will be able to create basic working applications, according to Microsoft. In addition, the site has a how-to library that users can access for reference on performing common tasks such as using Windows form controls in Visual Basic or C#.

View: Beginning Developer Learning Center
News source: ComputerWorld

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I loss "faith" in any microsoft help :

-the sdk are too vague, are bulky and lack of (clear) examples. A example can be parts of a code, not a whole (and more that 200 lines of code) project
-The msdn online and offline really stink,it's just another bloated feature of MS.
-The search don't work. Try to search any concept to find many irrelevant concepts.

i'll agree with you on the search.

it's funny if seach msdn for something, you'll get plenty of what you DON'T need and nothing like what you're looking for. do the same search on google and it will take you right to the MSDN page you were looking for. it's weird.

I agree with both of you on the search as well. However, I find the documentation and examples better than most other companies (Borland for example).

If I want to search, I usually use Google Groups and get more than enough detail for what I'm trying to accomplish.

Anyone know how to get a copy of the installers that actually includes everything, without the need for a net connection? I hate these web-installers, when I hit "install" I expect the files to be ready, not for the installer to start pulling files down from the web..... there must be a full install package around somewhere, surely?

EKS said,

After learning C#, c++ is fairly simple

I'd disagree, after watching people on my Computer Science course going from Java to C++, I think its pretty hard.

Awesome - this might just be the motivator for me to switch from access/vba development to "proper" coding!

Good site with some good videos. Answered some ASP.NET questions I had, having never bothered to look into it before.

It'd be nice if these were podcasts so it'd be easy to stick 'em on the iPod.

I learned a few things from the videos they had a year or so ago that was similar to this ...