Microsoft settled 3,265 software piracy cases in last fiscal year

Microsoft has been making efforts to go after companies that try to use unlicensed versions of its software products. Today, the company announced that during its last fiscal year, which ended on June 30th, 2013, it settled a total of 3,265 copyright infringement cases worldwide.

Microsoft's press release states that just 35 of those case were based in the United States. That means the vast majority of their settled software piracy cases happened overseas.

One of those cases mentioned in the press release centered on the Ningbo Beyond Group of China. Microsoft previously said that the business had allegedly used unauthorized versions of Windows, Office, Server and Visual Studio software. The press release did not state how Microsoft settled the matter with the Ningbo Beyond Group of China, saying only they were "pleased to have resolved this matter."

Microsoft added that since 2005, it has received tips on unauthorized use of its software from 450,000 customers, some of which found that the programs had malware or viruses installed or simply did not work as they were supposed to.

Even though most of the software piracy cases are outside the US, Microsoft still has to deal with the occasional domestic copyright infringement case. Recently, the company filed a lawsuit against Atlanta-based PC reseller VertexPC, claiming that it "advertised, marketed, installed and offered and distributed unauthorized copies" of Microsoft's software.

Source: Microsoft
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Is there any other OS out there that will run executable and work exactly the way windows works? (natively, no emulators / api attachments or that wine crossover stuff).

If so, I'd be curious myself to try it out. It must be free, as in free beer. I really can't seem to find any

35 cases out of 23 million American small businesses. Hmmm...

What percentage would you speculate that 35 is out of the 23 million small businesses that may be running pirated copies of Windows, Office, Server, Visual Studio, etc.?

It seems like a really, really low number. Keep in mind, thousands of those businesses are even owned by literal gangsters

Lone Wanderer Chicken said,
The highest pirated OS I bet is XP, then Vista, then 7 and 8 is probably very low.
I would have to agree with that order.

I've also reached the stunning conclusion that the oldest OS is the most pirated and the newest is the least pirated.

I'm sure that's what you guys are implying....

Lone Wanderer Chicken said
The highest pirated OS I bet is XP, then Vista, then 7 and 8 is the lowest.
Nah.. I think it would be XP, 7, Vista and 8.