Microsoft Surface pops up in another TV show, Arrow

Microsoft may not be participating in the annual ritual of launching a new commercial campaign during tonight's Super Bowl broadcast, but the company is still finding ways to promote its Surface tablet in other ways.

One of them is getting characters in TV shows to use the tablet. In 2012, the Surface was used by crime-fighters on the CBS shows NCIS: Los Angeles and in Hawaii Five-O, and the tablet has also been used by the lead character on the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. In December, we found out that even Sherlock Holmes himself owns a Surface on the CBS show Elementary.

This week, the Surface popped up again on television, this time on the CW super hero series Arrow. The tablet is used by the lead female character in the show, Dinah 'Laurel' Lance (played by Katie Cassidy) to look up a news story.

We have noticed a pattern among all of the fictional Surface TV appearances. The Touch Screen cover is always shown being attached to the tablet and the built in kickstand is always seen as being deployed. We are pretty sure that Microsoft insists these two features get screen time as part of its product placement.

With the launch of the Surface Pro tablet just days away, we are betting that even more television characters will be seen using that version of the product.

Source: Arrow on Hulu | Images via CW

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I wonder if Microsoft actually pays for this advertising! It's actually a waste of money and doesn't really help that much!

You see tons of Apple products in movies and tv shows, but Apple doesn't pay them a single cent! Microsoft shouldn't pay either!


"Apple products appeared in 891 TV shows in 2011 alone. According to Brandchannel, iDevices were in 40 percent of movie box office hits.
“Apple won't pay to have their products featured, but they are more than willing to hand out an endless amount of computers, iPads, and iPhones,” Gavin Polone, who produced Zombieland, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more, told Businessweek. “It's kind of a graft situation.”

I think Arrow is an awesome show. I caught the Windows 8 thing right from the beginning. However in the episode that it first shows in, there is another thing I noticed.

The geek girl has the W8 start screen, as soon as it switches to the desktop it has a start menu, as well as full Rounded, Transparent Aero as seen in W7.

Also, if you notice the credits give Credit to Microsoft.

Arrow is a good show. I'm not making fun of the Surface. I think it is very good for what it is. But the CW should be called the Microsoft Channel. Heavy product and awkward product placements.

Really? Did she have to zoom in on her face? You couldn't see it? Or are you trying very hard to show what the device can do?

If you're paying attention, the Surface has been in the last 4 episodes of Arrow, used by the "geek chic" in the show. The mother of the "Arrow" character was featured in the next to last episode in a funny moment that I caught: she's in the limo talking to her daughter, her phone rings, she pulls it out of her purse and... it's a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone.


A few moments later we see her holding a "phone" to her ear as she talks to someone and then as she ends the call and we see her hand holding the phone lay in her lap, it's patently obvious that she's now holding an iPhone. IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

Thought it was pretty damned funny when I caught that booboo in that episode. They do that a lot with one item featured prominently in a closeup then they switch it for another device in a different shot for continuity.

Funny stuff indeed.

Are these ad placements supposed to make people groan? Do the people that direct these shows know the word subtle?

Agreed, personally I find this practice really annoying and irritating. It's not like they use something because it makes reasonable sense or something, no; they use it just to advertise some product / brand and they put it in front of you and even give it some camera time to show off.

It just doesn't blend with the scenes. For example in the above clip, it's just somebody picking up a tablet and searching for something so why focusing like that or even showing that he uses Bing. Who the **** cares?

They could use some creativity if they're not able to integrate such advertising seamlessly. Hell in Arrow they even put a Windows logo (and by the way, the old one) upfront and in the back of monitors à la Apple or something. Like there're usually such logos...

If their effect is to get people to like it I think they're archiving quite the opposite with me.

I also agree with you, however, "product placement" is what it is. It just depends on how much the company paid for it; it could be subtle or a few seconds of screen time. Hate it or not, it also helps pay for the production of the show.

TCLN Ryster said,
Arrow gets pretty good ratings and personally I like it a lot. So it's not a bad show at all, you just don't like it.

Or you just have really bad taste. Or you're 12 years old.