Microsoft to start Xbox One closed beta of Project Spark in February

Microsoft's ambitious but accessible game creation tool program Project Spark began its closed beta in December for Windows 8.1 users and this week the Team Dakota team announced that the Xbox One beta testing will begin sometime in February.

In a post on Project Spark's official Facebook page, the team stated that people who already have a Windows 8.1 beta key are already entered into the Xbox One beta when it begins (assuming they own Microsoft's new console of course). It added that people who gave their Windows 8.1 beta key for someone else to use will received a second one when the Xbox One beta starts.

Project Spark is designed to be a free tool for people to create their own games and share them with others via a simple user interface. It was first announced in June at E3. Microsoft is still taking signups for the closed beta test at the site. The tools are also supposed to be released for the older Xbox 360 console but Microsoft has yet to announced when that version will begin beta testing. It has also not revealed just how it will monetize Project Spark.

Source: Project Spark on Facebook | Image via Microsoft

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I just got my beta key for Windows 8.1 a few days ago. It's certainly interesting, but still needs a lot of work. I'm not at all thrilled the game is based off an app from the Windows App Store, instead of writing a regular program for it.

With that being said, I'm anticipating the Xbox One beta launch next month. I played around with it a little bit on Windows 8.1 to get familiar with how everything works, but the majority of my time with it is going to come in on Xbox One.

Does someone have an extra key? Also where do I enter the key once its given? I don't see a place to enter a key on the site

SMELTN said,
Does someone have an extra key? Also where do I enter the key once its given? I don't see a place to enter a key on the site

You download the Project Spark beta from the Windows store (which anyone can do), you then enter the beta key and it allows you to use the beta.

I've got an extra key, you can have mine.
I have windows 8.1 but my computer cannot run the game.
I'll get back to you later tonight if you still want it.

Although ProjextSpark is free I get the impression the game will be full of micro transactions from what I've seen in the beta.

Not really had a lot of time to play about with it yet so not sure how much you can do without purchasing content.

What do you mean? What would be locked away? Seems to me that if you are creatively limited, you won't have the incentive to explore the various systems.

Hrm, I see... Thanks for the info and screens! Since you can use credits OR tokens, I'm guessing you can maybe win one of these currencies through the game... hopefully!

InsaneNutter said,
I get asked to purchase a content pack:

I dont have enough credits for it:

I can spend up to £36 for 5000 spark tokens:

Now maybe you can earn credits by doing stuff? i really don't know as ive only had about 30 minutes free to really have a play with it so far.

It is designed so that if you play and play around with creating worlds/games you 'level up' and earn. So something are level 'locked' and some things require additional content that you can 'earn' credits to gain access.

(They are still sorting out exactly how they are going to do transactions, as the idea of the game is to be a 'creation' environment that creates content that is accessible to everyone.)

M_Lyons10 said,
I'm really excited about this game. I hope it doesn't disappoint...

I have played around on it for PC for about two hours now. Its pretty awesome =D! I love it cause its actually pretty expansive in what you can do, yet pretty simple to get start. Nice tutorial and whatnot... Its pretty good =).

-adrian- said,
What can you do after solving the first quest you get in your town? Just solved that and that's it

In Project Spark? It all depends on what people have done with it =). If they left it unfinished so to speak then you can (I think) edit it to make a new ending/add on, or you can make your own game, or you can play someone elses game... =)

I just got my beta key for Windows, so I'm excited to get started playing around and seeing what other people have done.

I think this is an important project for MS. If they can show off a game platform like this that can be worked on seamlessly via the pc and then on an X1, and then also via tablet, it could spur some developer excitement.

I tried it too. Though I only have 8.1 installed at work.. so didn't really get to play with it much. Also don't own an xbone.