Microsoft to use comics in antipiracy campaign

Microsoft is expanding its fight against software piracy with a new educational effort that includes comics.

The online campaign, set to start on Monday, is meant to tell people the benefits of using properly licensed software. It covers such aspects as awareness of intellectual property rights, risks of using pirated products, proper licensing practices and legalization of fraudulent products.
Windows XP

"We want to enable customers to make informed decisions that are best for their business by providing them with the facts that they need," Cori Hartje, director of Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative, said in an interview.

Dubbed "Genuine Fact Files," the campaign is now launching in the U.S. It went online last month in Italy, France, the U.K., Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Microsoft plans to draw attention to it through banner ads on its Web sites and promotional material that it will hand out through partners. By using comics, the company aims to make the message more accessible to a broader audience. They are black and white, in a style similar to newspaper comics.

Microsoft has escalated its effort to combat piracy since mid-2005. Windows users now have to electronically verify their license with Microsoft before downloading additional Microsoft software such Internet Explorer 7. Also, Microsoft pushes out a utility that checks whether Windows installations are legitimate through the same Automatic Updates feature it uses to distribute security patches.

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"Hey kids smokey the bear says only you can prevent priacy! Lot's of hard working corporate executives lose money because people don't feel like paying ridiculous amounts of money for binary data! Piracy isn't cool kids, take up smoking instead."

How about all the people that had to be paid to write that binary data and all the years it took among all the other costs? What about all of the shareholders that expect a return on their investments? You make it sound like Microsoft is nothing more than a bunch of greedy rich men in suits that waved a magic wand and produced Vista out of thin air. If you don't want to pay for Windows fine but that doesn't give you or anyone else the right to pirate it and then act all smug like "Oh they're rich and evil, it's ok to steal from them". Microsoft bashing makes you so cool doesn't it.

someone should come up with comic how to get vista for free ROFL. I see no different between a download version than paid version.. beside retail manual and the box.. and download version is you can't use windows update/ some microsoft ****ty products.. wow I'm running out the door to buy Vista 399 bah.. I just bought my self a copy xp pro for good price(just to own legit copy being *cough barrowing to long arr!).. hehe.

I'm against pirating; however, this video "comic" is more like a thing to push people to want to pirate. They're acting like no one has virus software, and all that. It probably happens to the few newbies out there who aren't sure what they're doing, but people who do pirating most -- they could care less about this stuff.

I think people are educated about it already, they just don't want to abide by the law simply because it's "there". Until pirates understand they're just like the criminal sitting in prison for stealing vehicles, they aren't going to care. Even then, many of them could care less about that anyway ...

Microsoft should also educate the youth market that there are options other than Microsoft Windows, even though we all know this will never happen.

Wouldn't that be kind of stupid business wise, why should they do that? It would be like McDonald's telling everyone they can also go to Burger King.

Depends on what they think is better: Illegal Windows users or legal Linux users?

Of course they'd rather have illegal Windows users.

Ravensworth said,
Wouldn't that be kind of stupid business wise, why should they do that? It would be like McDonald's telling everyone they can also go to Burger King.

Which is why I said in my very post that it would never happen. I know that the majority of people use programs like Word, but the problem is that the .doc format is proprietary. If Microsoft truly wanted to properly educate the youth market, they would introduce them to open, universal formats instead of locking them into a lifetime of Microsoft products. Of course this will never, ever happen, but it's the way things should be, in my opinion. Wishful thinking and nothing more.

Sounds like a good plan...

What would be a great neowin poll would be:
Do you run a illegitimate OS?
1. Yes (I plan to buy it)
2. Yes (I would buy it, if I had to)
3. Yes (If I didn't have it for free, I wouldn't use it)
4. No (I went legit recently)
5. No (I have always been legit)

And it would be interesting to see the results to determine
If there are lost sales, Option 2.
Or if piracy is helping sales, Options 1 & 4.
Or if piracy is not affecting sales, Options 3 & 5.

Well i reckon it would be interesting...

No it would be a biased survey.

I would say a lot of people who read Neowin are of a Technically Minded background and therefore more likely to be running a pirate copy of windows.

Bah, they took it down! :suspicious:
They're "waiting for input now", they say...
Damn, I'd really liked to have a laugh at it.

The "Don't copy" rap was hilarious though