mIRC 6.2

mIRC version 6.2 is now available to the public! Khaled Mardam-Bey has released this version after 160 days, which is faster than usual. This mIRC version comes loaded with many brand new features. Along with more than 120 bugfixes, mIRC 6.2 features:

-New installer package "NullSoft Installer".
-Added /help and /winhelp support for .chm files.
-Fixed various $regsubex() bugs.
-Added /toolbar command, allows modification of toolbar buttons.
-Added "Preserve nicks" feature to Connect/Options dialog.
-Fixed hotlinks not handling nicknames with multiple prefixes.
-Added support for UTF-8 display font substitution/linking.
-Fixed UTF-8/Multibyte text-wrapping display bug.
-New event, the TABCOMP event, triggers when a user presses the TAB key in an editbox and mIRC is about to perform tab completion.
-Another new listbox style.

Download: mIRC 6.2 (1.1Mb) | Shareware (20.00 USD to register)
View: Developer homepage
View: Changelog

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