More Nokia Lumia 625 details leak out; will likely be revealed Tuesday

Earlier today, Nokia teased the world with a "big" announcement that it will be making early on Tuesday morning. While some speculated that the company was finally going to offer info on its much rumored tablets, it now appears that it will be centered on yet another Windows Phone 8 smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 625.

The Finland-based website Puhelinvertailu has posted up what appears to be a leaked spec sheet of the Lumia 625. The most notable feature of this device is the 4.7 inch screen, which would make it the largest screen ever for a Nokia Windows Phone product (the Samsung ATIV S has a 4.8 inch screen). However, the specs indicate it will have a low 800x480 resolution. Inside, the Lumia 625 looks like it will have somewhat average to low end specs, with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, just 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. There's also an eight megapixel rear camera.

All in all, the Nokia Lumia 625 is looking like its being aimed at the low end of the smartphone spectrum. We should learn more about pricing, release dates, and markets for the Nokia Lumia 625, sometime tomorrow.

Source: Puhelinvertailu via Engadget | Image via Puhelinvertailu

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tsupersonic said,
Blech, I hope that resolution isn't true...4.7" at 800x480? No thanks
Yea, I mean when my 15" CRT had that ppi I just threw it out the window.

Seriously, does it occur to the ppi hipsters that some people a) don't care or b) don't care enough to toss $400-800 at an unsubsidized phone?

MrHumpty said,
Yea, I mean when my 15" CRT had that ppi I just threw it out the window.

Seriously, does it occur to the ppi hipsters that some people a) don't care or b) don't care enough to toss $400-800 at an unsubsidized phone?

It's all about relative competition. My first smartphone had a 3.7" display at 800x480. I then upgraded to a 4.6" 720p display, and it was a night and day difference. It really makes a huge difference when you're watching videos, viewing webpages, etc. 198.5 PPI is garbage, considering you can get a 4.7" 1080p display. Not that it matters since WP8 doesn't support 1080p resolutions. This type of display (imo) needs a resolution of at least 720p.

But you're right, your average consumer who buys a smartphone doesn't know the term PPI. But, you're a tech site, and we're here to discuss amongst ourselves. You can get brand NEW smartphones unsubsidized with better resolution displays for $299 (Nexus 4: 4.7" at 1280x768).

In markets like India, price is a very important factor. Samsung has been selling tons of 5" Galaxy grand at 800x480 at the price just above Lumia 720. If 625 undercuts it by around Rs. 3000, it will be a good sell for Nokia, for which India is THE largest market

Then the device would be in a different market segment. This is Nokia's answer to rising demand in big screen lower priced phones in emerging markets.

vcfan said,
don't worry,theyll probably pop one of those out next week or something, at the pace theyre going .
Not at that resolution. WP8 only supports 800x480 and 1280x720/768.

It would be epic if Nokia / Microsoft / HTC / Samsung create a phablet that dual-boots between Windows Phone 8 and either Windows RT or Windows 8. THAT would be truly epic. Ubuntu's doing this with their (hopefully non-vaporware) smartphone where on their implementation it dual's Ubuntu's main OS along with a phone OS.

what would be more epic,is if windows phone 8.1 has the full winrt api and not a subset (this is very likely), therefore apps written for one platform run on windows phone and windowsrt/8. who needs to run 2 different oses?

tanybeen said,

Talk time GSM: up to 23.9 hours

Maximum talk time: up to 15.2 hours

Standby time: up to 23 days.

The second talk time is specified at 3g. I'd imagine Standby is with the same tech. I wonder why that distinction was made, but you've ignored it and like a boss.

I don't see the 625 as a press-conference-worthy event if all it is is an enlarged low-end device. But a Lumia Phablet running full Windows 8(.1) or RT? Now that would be epic.

A device that epic wouldn't be teased just one day before reveal and won't be announced in a low key event now would they?

Budget phone with a massive screen, they sell incredibly well in emerging markets. Not everyone can or wants to buy flagship $6-900 devices

Big screen phones with low to mid end specs is one of the fastest growing market segment here in India. All big name manufacturers are responding to the threat posed by low key manufacturers. Samsungs Galaxy Grand also targets this segment.

Wow Nokia is pumping out phones like no tomorrow,targeting every point in the market. That is why windows phone is the fastest selling mobile OS.