Mozilla Cleaner 2.02

Mozilla Cleaner is an accompaniment to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It deletes your browsing history, empties your recycle bin, cleans temporary folders, recently used documents, jump lists and user added files and folders.

Mozilla Cleaner can be configured to run automatically on browser shutdown and to start with Windows.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

Download: Mozilla Cleaner 2.02 | 1.6 MB (Freeware)
View: Mozilla Cleaner Home page

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Ok, point taken ...
A rebranding has occured:
OptiClean 1.00
Still early in development. New features will be added over time.
I initially started this project 7 years ago to clean Firefox, Mozilla Suite and Thunderbird, hence the name Mozilla Cleaner, but abandonned it for many years.
Decided to resurrect it with more features.
Feel free to scan it for any viruses and any trace of Indians or Philippinos.
CCleaner is a good software, this is merely an alternative, it's entirely up to personal judgement which software you use, or put another other way, if you're not interested in it then don't use it.

It's using Mozilla's name and as if this wasn't enough, it's using even its logo... just LOL. I understand his creator does it to scam people, but using both, name and logo by an other company, you just can't; I'm pretty sure.

Even Waterfox/Pale moon etc that are completely relevant to Mozilla's firefox, they don't use the name "Firefox" neither "Mozilla" nor same logo. Better name it, "Microsoft™ Internet Explorer™ Cleaner©"

I guess this is a job by an Indian or Philippino boy.

Edited by PC EliTiST, Mar 18 2013, 8:39pm :

Don't see why would you pick this over CCleaner. CCleaner isn't very bloated plus it does a better job cleaning out your computer.

How is CCleaner bloated? That's ridiculous, the latest version is only 3 MB. Also this program appears to do very little in comparison so I have no idea why anyone would use this over it.

Right... this crap doesn't make sense... They should have used "System.Cleaner" since they are able to clean system-wide files such as empty recycle bin, etc.