Mozilla Firebird Plugin Review

Well, its been a while since Mozilla Firebird 0.6 has been released, and damn is it good. With a plethora of extra functionality, it is my browser of choice :) If you haven't downloaded it yet, then why not! You fool! Try it out now!

So whats this mindless plug all about? Well, I thought I'd compile you guys a list of the neat plugins that there are, which extend the browser's features a long way. There are many, and so i've picked a selection of ones that i use regularly. The central hub for plugins, themes, and problems is, and thats where much of this has come from.

View: Chris Pederick's Firebird Site

View: Firebird Extensions / Plugins

View: FB Tips and tricks

View: FB Themes - My Fav is coffee :)

View: Useful FB Keyboard Shortcuts

View:, and Firebird's official homepage.

Download: Windows 0.6, Mac 0.6, linux 0.6

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I'm trying to get my Linux buds to run it, but they won't poor schmucks. As for my Apple friends they like IE (more than Safari)?