Neowin Community Game Awards

After gathering all your suggestions and being fortunate enough to have blackice912 get a survey system up and running, it is now time for everyone to start voting for the best of the best for 2004. You will use your Neowin login information to log in and vote and will only be allowed to vote once, so make sure you select the right choices.

Please note, that I will not be adding any more categories or games. In some places, you will find PC and console games in the same category and it's intended as such. This is about gaming, on a whole.

Also, make sure to select one choice in every category and go all the way to the end. Your votes will not be counted, otherwise. Voting ends January 14th.

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Guys, please realize I gave you about a month's time to suggest games for each category. Either way, the choices will have to stay as it is too late to edit them now. Also, if it wasn't nominated originally, then it probably wouldn't win anyways.