NeowinCast Gaming 008 - Mar 2: PS Vita Edition presents NeowinCast Gaming 008, the eighth in a new series of bi-weekly podcasts relating to the latest gaming news, hosted by this week by John Callaham, Larry "DirtyLarry" Cooney and Tim Schiesser.

NeowinCast Gaming 008 clocks in at just over 49 minutes in length as Larry gives his extensive hands-on impressions of the PS Vita portable game console and some of its launch titles. John, Tim and Larry also discuss other game topics such as Mass Effect 3 getting lost in space (sort of) and more.

  • 00:00-01:00 | Introductions
  • 00:10-24:04 | Larry's thoughts on the PlayStation Vita
  • 24:04-31:33 | Thoughts on Medal of Honor: Warfighter
  • 31:33-39:18 | Mass Effect 3 launch, cutscene discussion
  • 39:18-46:32 | More upcoming games, Silent Hill discussion
  • 46:32-49:12 | Upcoming content on Neowin, conclusions

News stories mentioned in the podcast:

As always we are looking for feedback for the podcast shows so feel free to post your comments, suggestions and more on how we can improve in the news comments boards or in our forums.

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Just awesome! I normally don't listen to these (from anyone, don't feel bad lol), but I really liked the insight here.

drazgoosh said,
Is there a way of posting this as a Zune podcast?

Yea you can submit it through zune or this guy @robgreenlee on twitter, it would've been easier for it to get through if the zuneinsider podcast was still active.