Netflix Windows Phone app update brings 720p support

Netflix's Windows Phone app update now supports Windows Phone 8 devices with 720p screens.

Netflix updated its Windows Phone app late Wednesday, providing high-resolution support for Windows Phone 8 users whose devices feature 720p screens.

Previously, the Netflix app's interface had a black bar on the top of devices using high-resolution screens with a 16:9 aspect ratio, such as the HTC Windows Phone 8X. With the update, which brings the app to version, devices with resolutions of 720x1280 now feature an interface that makes use of the entire screen. Movies and television shows also make use of the full screen now as well. As with Netflix's mobile apps on other platforms, HD streaming is not yet supported on Windows Phone devices.

Other Windows Phone 8 devices, such as the Lumia 920, already featured full-screen movies and interface elements as their aspect ratios matched those of Windows Phone 7 devices, which the app was originally designed for.

The black bar had been the source of many negative ratings in the app's Windows Phone Store reviews. A recent review that gave the app a two-star rating, for instance, lamented the fact that the app didn't "fill up the entire screen on [the] HTC 8X."

No release notes were provided on the Windows Phone Store's listing for the app, though no additional changes were immediately apparent.

Source: Windows Phone Store

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Excellent, hopefully my wife will realize that she cannot stream this when she is out and about, last month she used nearly our entire monthly data in a single night while she was covering for someone at work.

"High resolution" is a bit of a misnomer in this case - the app worked fine on the Lumia 920 whose resolution of 1280x768 is actually higher. We are talking a correction for different shaped displays here, not for high res.

That's what I thought too. The HTC 8X has a resolution of 1280x720 and the Nokia Lumia 920 has a resolution of 1280x768. The Lumia has a 5:3 aspect ratio which matches the lower resolution of 800x480 so it doesn't need black bars to maintain the original aspect ratio.

Ah yes, "aspect ratio" - I knew there was a proper term for "different shaped displays" but I couldn't think of it when I wrote my post.

SK[ said,]Super 8 is on NetFlix?

Just checked and its certainly not there on my UK account

Super 8 is available on Windows (PC) version and on Android (Phone),
why, is it good?
Android got a Netflix update the other day too.

I know -- I'm so happy! Now other companies need to fix their apps, especially Microsoft with its own games. Maybe I'm being silly, but I refuse to buy an app if it hasn't been updated for high-res screens yet, as it shows me the app won't be supported as the platform progresses.