New Apple product line hinted at from power supply details, possibly larger iPad or TV

Apples current 12W iPad charger

Apple has developed a 17W power supply which seems to be for a mystery new product line, which some speculate will be the much rumored Apple TV set. The supply will be ready within 12 months, but specific details are unknown.

Sources informed AppleInsider of these plans and make clear that the adapter will not be used for any existing product line, such as the iPhone and iPad. Additionally, it is not part of any imminent launch, so whatever the component is for, it will not launch at the Sept. 10 iPhone event.

The power supply is said to be similar to the USB plugs currently used for the iPhone and iPad, and will be most suited to a portable device. While the fifth-generation iPad will come with the same 12W adapter as the previous, Apple have been rumored to be developing a bigger 13-inch iPad, which could require a more powerful adapter. This one in particular is tipped to be used on something entirely new, however.

It is possible that the adapter will be used for a TV, although this would be more surprising given the portable nature and wattage of the supply. Nevertheless, details are sparse, so these new details really could mean anything.

Apple are expected to announce the iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone 5C Tuesday, at a media event.

Source: AppleInsider | Image via Apple

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17w plug for a TV? Really? Its likely an iPad. Likely a iPad with a high resolution and faster CPU that requires more power pull. I still have problem with my iPad 3 in some gams where the thing just wont charge while playing.

But a TV? Not a chance. 17Watt plug? Show me a tv with a 17w plug. A LED monitor? Maybe.

The article clearly states:

Sources informed AppleInsider of these plans and make clear that the adapter will not be used for any existing product line

neufuse said,
A TV? Seriously? at 17 Watts I highly doubt it.. unless your TV is under 19".....

Agreed. Can't see it being for a TV. I thought the rumour was for a refreshed Apple TV set top box thingy..

Damn, just bought 2 in April. Good thing about Apples products is they hold value. Time to look into selling.