New images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 surface

It is no secret Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 will be a beast: It is expected to have a 5.7" Quad HD display along with a Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz (though it will be replaced by Samsung's own Exynos 5430 chipset in some markets), 3 GB of RAM and a 16 MP rear camera with OIS, along with a 4 MP front-facing camera. What's more, it will be powered by the Adreno 420 GPU which will offer a noticeable difference in some tasks compared to the Adreno 330.

Regarding its release, Samsung recently scheduled an event for September 3 and it is highly probable that the Galaxy Note 4 will make its debut during IFA in Berlin; the press invites for the event were sent earlier this month.

Until now, the details known about the handset were the specifications and the announcement date. Thanks to an anonymous user at gsmarena, some (sort of) high quality images of the upcoming Galaxy Note have been leaked.

Although the back of the device seems to be made of plastic like its predecessor, the main upgrade here is a metal frame surrounding the device. This kind of frame installment was expected to come with the Galaxy Alpha and it seems like Samsung decided to utilize this on a different model as well. Apart from the frame, an USB 3.0 port can be clearly seen on the bottom; heart monitoring feature is also said to be included.

Source & image: GSMarena

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Can't wait for this. Really hope it's got an NFC chip that's compatible with Google Wallet.

Slightly disappointed it doesn't come with the new reversible USB type C port though.

I've had my S3 for just over two years (usually I switch to the next odd-numbered Galaxy before the two years are up, but the S5 was lacklustre); this will be my next device.
Unless LG bring out an 805 version of the G3.

Not terrible, but I wish modern handsets would get away from hard-setting the command button positions into the chassis like this. Make them software keys to cut down on production cost and be less region-locked.

I love how they used every single bit of space on the front, it really has super small bezels, I wonder how big the actual phone will be with a 5.7" screen and these super small bezels on all sides.

Most onscreen key phones even have more unused space below the display, so this device atleast uses it and not too visible, the buttons are very small with a very low height which make them actually pretty cool.

Though It would be awesome to see a phone with the screen going all the way to the bottom with onscreen keys.

So as far I see from this picture samsung did actually improve itself, I wonder what the body consists of, if it's the same quality as the xperia z2 I'm officially amazed since I learned to expect crappy plastic from samsung.

I dislike Samsung but that design is looking premium. Finally Samsung coming to it's senses after poor financial quarter. But still I refuse to buy it as they will release an inferior Exynos based variant in India. They will have Snapdragon variant as demo piece in their showrooms like they always do.

Wyn Hou said,
That design looks premium because it's completely stolen from iPhone. Chamfered metal edge lmao.

lool... so wait... Apple invented chamfered metal now. That's a good one to add to the list with rounded corners. Thank god Apple is here to think of these things with their infinite wisdom!

That looks ugly, and I hate that hardware button in the middle. Still inferior to OnePlus One, at-least OnePlus had the sense to come up with an original design, and a great / unique back. If only they launch all over the globe with a good marketing budget, they will kill Samsung.

That looks hideous to me.

macoman said,
just releasing more phones with the same design.

Same can be said for HTC, LG, Apple, Nokia/MS....Phones look pretty much the same from revision to revision with minor changes, if at all.

Slugsie said,
Didn't read the article then huh?

"the main upgrade here is a metal frame surrounding the device"

Trim != frame.

Let's revisit this after official announcement though and it turns out to be plastic trim.