Next Debian Release to Support AMD64 Chips

The next release of the Debian Project's Linux distribution will run on Advanced Micro Devices' AMD64 processors for the first time, according to the organization's Web site. The GNU/Linux 4.0 operating system, also known as "Etch," is planned for release in December, the group said.

It will also have new security features, including encryption and digital signatures to ensure that downloaded packages are validated, Debian said

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It has been possible to run AMD64 on Debian for some time (at least in the unstable distributions). Ubuntu, for example, is a Debian-based distribution with a separeate AMD64/EM64T release (athough they just refer to it as a AMD64 release).

At any rate, to this point Debian has only supported Pure64 and if you want to run 32bit applications you are supposed to install a 32bit chroot (something that I gather Quick Reply didn't do since he is complaining about "Dependency Hell" ).

This forthcoming version of Etch will support Multiarch and the repositories will be completely updated to support 64bit and 32bit applications on the same box without separate chroots. Most other non-Debian distros use Biarch which is relatively similar but Debian's implementation is supposedly superior (possibly with respect to the support of non-x86 CPUs).

Here is a thread from the Linux forum: