Nine Inch Nails Uploads New Album on Torrent Sites

Nine Inch Nails has just released the first volume of their new album “Ghosts” on BitTorrent sites as a free download. The band encourages its fans to share the album with friends, post it on websites and play it on podcasts

“Ghosts” is released under a non-commercial Creative Commons license and can be shared freely, something their fans weren’t allowed to do when the band was held back by a record label. In the release notes the band writes: “Now that we’re no longer constrained by a record label, we’ve decided to personally upload Ghosts I, the first of the four volumes, to various torrent sites, because we believe BitTorrent is a revolutionary digital distribution method, and we believe in finding ways to utilize new technologies instead of fighting them.”

This sounds is music to our ears, in more ways than one. For now, only the first volume has been uploaded onto BitTorrent sites, but the entire collection is available for download on the official website for only $5

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Music: Ghosts - Nine Inch Nails (Torrent link) 64.2 MB

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Well I'm glad to see bands doing this, and I downloaded the free album. Now I loved NIN back in the early days so I was expecting something different I guess. What is this? I wasn't expecting it to be an all instrumental album, but that would be ok I guess if there was music on it. It's just 9 tracks of random noise though.

No offense but it sounds like a bad movie soundtrack.

Got it! Love it! and hope more Good bands take this as a litmus test for how music is to be distributed PRIOR to artifact distribution (CD's and vinyl). No one said CD's shouldn't be made anymore-serious collectors will want something to own. A folder of mp3's isn't a tangible item, looks cute on a ipood/mp3 player but I like actual media as well as millions of fans. TY Trent! Ghosts is an amazing piece of work!!!

"We have SOLD OUT of the 2500 Limited Edition Packages."

300 * 2500 = $750,000

i think they'll be able to call this a success

Brilliant! I'd really like to see the results of this type of marketing and how much they make in comparison to when they were signed with a record label. I'd like to see these bands make out well for their efforts without having the greedy business entities robbing their livelihood.

NiN has always been a very talented group of musicians, so this should be very interesting to follow as it evolves.

--- Update

Just signed up for the free download on their site and the transfer rate is slow. If you're going to check it out, sign up on their web site and provide your email (it's the least you can do for the free download) and then use the torrent to download for a much faster rate: Pirate Bay

I'm listening to it now and it's really good. I definitely recommend checking it out and at least doing the $5 download option to support the band. That's what I'm doing now.

I applaud Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor for doing this. I hope more artists follow in the future. Their music is worth every penny, but they are demonstrating you can publish your music for free and still stay in the industry. I'll still buy it just to show my support.

relatedly, can anyone get to the NiN home page? can't from my location, tracert dies within spaces, and browsers throw dns search hints. Overloaded from the publicity of this maybe?

RIAA will start making petitions to ban this kind of releases lol
good for all music fans out there. This is the way music should be released.

(ajua said @ #12)
RIAA will start making petitions to ban this kind of releases lol
good for all music fans out there. This is the way music should be released.

They won't be able too if they're not under contract with a label that is under the RIAA controll.

This is great. I've just paid 5 dollars for the full set. Thanks NIN.

Any other bands doing this? (aside from Radiohead and The Crimea (, in case you didn't know))

Reznor Produced an album with his friend Saul Williams which they released in a similar format a few months ago

you get the entire album for fee in 192KB mp3 or something or pay $5 or so for it in higher bitrate/other formats such as flacc

I think he is playing a lil. To see how the "market" might react. Giving "for free" his new instrumental album is just a test. To see how that might work with the upcomming stuff. Its ALL GOOD if everything is DRM free, we should be proud (once again) of him.

Yeah, ordered the signed edition with the LP's ect earlier today. Was stoked as I wouldnt have even found out had I not popped online before heading off to uni.

Just Pre-Ordered the new 2 CD Set. $10 isnt that bad, and i'd like to support artists who offer their music this way. Go NIN! Also, just got the digital copy, this album is great!!!

That was the option I went for, but was a little disappointed to see $6.99 for shipping and handling. Still worth it. I had to use torrents to get all the songs since the site wouldn't let me download anything.

The albums worth every dollar beleive me, if anything this should be the way forward for digital music as everybody wins. Ty Trent