Nokia came up with Lumia brand name in one day

Nokia Lumia 800 was the first Windows Phone device from the company.

Since October 2011, Nokia has been releasing its Windows Phone products under the Lumia brand name. But a couple of months before the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 800, the company was still trying to figure out what the brand name for their new phones should be.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is quoted in a new article on Reuters that he wanted the team to quickly come up with a name because he didn't want this issue to be delayed, which is something that he saw was a problem overall at Nokia. He said, "Why wait till tomorrow or next week? We could make the decision today. And we did."

Elop's handling of the Lumia brand name decision may seem like a small thing, but it's indicative of his leadership style ever since he was named as the leader of the company in 2010. The article states that since he's been in charge, Nokia has been making faster decisions and, as a result, releasing new products quicker, such as today's reveal of the Nokia Lumia 625 and last Friday's launch of the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020.

Elop said that Nokia spent 22 months on the now discontinued N8 smartphone, which was in development before he took over as CEO. That kind of time to create a product is no longer tolerated under his leadership. He said, "A number of our Windows Phone products are on six to eight month delivery cycles. We are moving so much faster."

Elop is also not averse to helping individual customers with their Nokia products. The article states that Elop directly answers between 10 to 20 customer emails every day.

Source: Reuters | Image via Nokia

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Elop's handling of the Lumia brand name decision may seem like a small thing, but it's indicative of his leadership style

I don't think we can extrapolate definite leadership style from that. And if we can, he's commited and unrelenting, but his quick decisions haven't been all that good. He's barely holding the thing above the water.

It takes a lot of resolve to hold it together as he does, I'll admit, but allow me to doubt that Nokia's shareholders share our sentiment of holding above as being great.

Elop cut down their perfectly capable and mature Symbian, dropped MeeGo and mishandled Meltemi before WP was mature enough to be their sole driving force. Now I won't say that these actions weren't justified - it was necessary to bring the company out from chaos and up to speed, but he put all eggs in one basket before that basket was ready and some of the eggs fell out.
Perhaps there weren't any better ways, certainly not Android, but he's not doing it great, only just enough, no matter how much it takes.

Well done Mr. Elop. He really brought a load of innovation into this sinking company and suddenly Nokia is hip again.

Now I wonder what's in line for the future. About to upgrade my 3 year old Windows Phone. Was thinking of Lumia 925. The low internal storage/no expandable storage is holding me back. Any suggestions ?

I do believe he is the right guy for Nokia. The decision to go to Windows Phone can be seen as good or bad, nonetheless he took a decision!
And the rest is true for the company, I have never seen Nokia pumping out so many phone in such a short time, and I think it's good, because remember Nokia sells phones all over the world, some countries may want the 1020 or 920 (and its variants), such as north America and Western Europe, but Africa, India and Asia may prefer the 625 for example.
Very good guy this Stephen Elop

Now if only Microsoft could put their fingers out of their a*** and start pushing out updates it would be perfect!

toms2028 said,
I have never seen Nokia pumping out so many phone in such a short

I remember that they once said that producing a Symbian-phone took them about 22 months, compared to the less than a year of WP…

Sorry, I just dont get the big deal with deciding the name in one day. The article is about much more. Naming a product is far different than coming out with new devices/features.

As long as they don't start sacrificing quality or innovation its a good thing to have much faster release cycles. Pity the same cant happen at Microsoft because they really need to release updates for WP faster.