Nokia Chat Windows Phone app released for Lumia phones

Nokia has a history of developing exclusive Windows Phone apps for its Lumia phones, including the recent Storage Check app. Today the company has released a public beta version of a new chat client for Windows Phone 8 that can only be used, at least for now, by Lumia owners.

The Nokia Beta Labs website has the first details on Nokia Chat for Windows Phone, along with a download link. Nokia has released older versions of a chat client for its Asha, S40, and Symbian phones and this new Windows Phone version can chat with the people who have those apps, along with the millions of Yahoo Instant Messenger users.

The new Nokia Chat supports the Live Tile feature for Windows Phone, allowing notifications and previews of messages to show up on the Windows Phone start screen. The app also allows users to show where they happen to be when they chat with someone, or share a location with their friends.

People who have a Windows Phone 8-based Lumia smartphone like the Lumia 920 have some extra features when using Nokia Chat, including Lock Screen message notifications and voice recognition to speak messages and commands.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs | Image via Nokia

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While it probably seems pointless to have this app since there's the Messaging hub and Skype, this is primarily for chatting with other Nokia phones that are not Windows Phone (such as the Asha line up). Kind of like BBM for Blackberry I guess. Still kinda pointless, but nice to have for those that have friends with Nokia Chat.

well its not what i wanted but i will give this a try i mean since i have a nokia phone why not try it out and see if its useful

spudtrooper said,
It's actually a good thing.. It means Yahoo sees some value in Nokia / WP platform.

Yahoo is a long time Nokia partner. They powered Nokia's Ovi mail service and chat as seen here. Nokia's Maps power Yahoo services especially Flickr.