Nokia exec talks trash to Samsung via Twitter

Nokia will likely be talking about their next Lumia smartphones in their just announced press event in New York City on September 5. While we are still a few weeks away from that press conference, that isn't stopping Nokia's recently appointed marketing head from taking on the world's current best selling mobile phone maker Samsung.

Chris Weber was previously the head of Nokia's North American operations before being promoted to his current gig as executive vice-president of sales and marketing. In a Tweet late on Tuesday, Weber minced no words when he wrote, "Samsung take note, next generation Lumia coming soon."

Weber calling out Samsung is significant in two ways. The first, of course, is a way to tease the rest of the world about what Nokia has in store for the next wave of Lumia smartphones, powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 8. The other thing that's interesting is that Weber is calling Samsung out specifically in his note. Up until just recently, Nokia sold more smartphones than any other company in the world for over a decade. That changed earlier this year with Samsung overtaking Nokia as the world biggest seller of mobile phones.

That only makes September 5th even more interesting as Nokia prepares to wow the world with their next Lumia device and Microsoft shows off more of Windows Phone 8.

Source: Chris Weber's Twitter page

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Leopoldo Dante Rodriguez said,
I'm almost positive the tweet was a jab about Samsung copying Apple. Like take note on our designs you might wanna copy them.

genius. that is Samsung exactly

Anthonyd said,
"talk trash" ?? Come on it's barely offensive at all. Yet another miss leading title to hip the crowd, lame.
Corporate smack talk. Close enough.

laserfloyd said,
Corporate smack talk. Close enough.

At best it's a little teasing... It's not like they all don't do it. They most certainly don't take silly comments like this personally. LOL

As a Samsung user, i'm interested to see what they have in store. If it stacks up to the Galaxy S3 (Have a Galaxy S2, though i'm looking to upgrade) then i might just make the move.

Samsung take "NOTE"...maybe something on the line of Win8 Tablet + Stylus from Nokia to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note....that would be awesome !!

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