Nokia expanding efforts to get Windows Phone Instagram app

Earlier this month, Nokia released a new Windows Phone app called #2Instawithlove, which lets people take a photo with a "classic Polaroid filter". The app then automatically generates the #2instawithlove hashtag so when the photo is uploaded to a Twitter or Facebook account, the rest of the world can see that hashtag along with the picture. Now it appears that Nokia is expanding its efforts to get Instagram owner Facebook to give in and make an app for the OS. reports that Nokia is running a web banner ad campaign pointing people to download the #2Instawithlove photo app. It's clear that Nokia is spending some of its marketing and advertising money in order to convince Facebook to make the Windows Phone Instagram app. One wonders why Nokia is spending its time and budget for such a campaign when there's been no interest on Facebook's part to join the Windows Phone development family (the "official" Facebook Windows Phone app was in fact made by Microsoft).

A recent rumor claimed that an Instagram Windows Phone port was indeed in the works, based on alleged screenshots of a developer's Windows Phone Store page. However, there's no proof that such an app is in active development and the screenshots could have been fakes.

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TPreston said,
VPN support should be #1 priority not this ****

Maybe VPN support is the #1 priority? I mean, how can you even tell?

Nokia aren't going to post tweets about VPN support when that stuff is developed and tested by Microsoft...

AR556 said,
My question would be WTF isn't Microsoft Spearheading this?

Who says they're not working on it behind the scenes?

jakem1 said,

Who says they're not working on it behind the scenes?

Who do you think is giving Nokia 1Bn a year to help them. I gaurantee they wouldn't be doing this with their own money.

jakem1 said,

Who says they're not working on it behind the scenes?

If that's true, then why would Nokia be investing so much effort? I'm sure Microsoft and Nokia communicate.

Lumia 920, ordered first week of january in Germany, still not delivered Now i know why - Nokia is busy about some sh...y apps, instead of manufacturing the new phones

I seriously doubt you actually ordered one directly from Nokia. How about contacting your store to see what's the hold up? People over here are getting their 920's from another country in a week and you can't get one in 2 months? I think you've either been ripped off or your carrier is actually going to do it.

Ordered from the company's supplier. I thought also to get it somewhere else, but that time it was even more difficult to find it out. But now I want to know, how long will it take

It's a Germany The delivery of audi a4 took 6 months (ordered 02.2011, got 07.2011).

i ordered my lumia 920 in germany as well. that was back in december and i received it 3-4 days after the order. So i think u need to find a better supplier

do you guys honestly believe nokia would risk spending money promoting some other company's product that is available on other platforms but not theirs? Instagram is coming,nokia is using this campaign to hype it up and get sites like this to write stories about it,so that other devs can see how passionate windows users are about their apps,and to what lengths nokia will go in supporting their users. when the campaign ends,theyre going to be like "surprise",and every tech site will write about it,whereas if they just released it,it would just be a sidenote on most sites.

It's possible that Facebook is already working on an instagram app and Nokia is simply generating hype for it. It's also possible that Facebook isn't working on an instagram app and Nokia is doing this to show that there's demand for it.

Why does Nokia have to be so public? This seems like a last-ditch attempt to almost force Instagram to make an app. I presume, but have no sources or inside information, that private negotions have failed.

They're doing this to show that WP users want an instagram app. What better way to do it than ask WP users to use an app that generates a common hashtag?

It's the #6 app on Google Play with over 3.5M ratings. And with a rating of 4.6, it means a lot of people rated it 5 out of 5. It's also a very popular app on iTunes. It's likely that a former iOS or Android user would want an instagram app for their WP device.

Facebook seems to be ignoring WP for now but hopefully, this will get their attention.

I applaud Nokia for going the extra mile to help build an ecosystem. They know that putting out solid hardware alone is not enough - Instagram on the Lumia 920 alone could boost it's sales by thousands (or millions, I don't know). Anyways, Kudos to Nokia.

true. millions of people not just ask if the phones are actually in stock because ie in England they are not on other carriers - but they actually ask for "instagram" support

Niekess said,
I love it that Nokia is doing this, they listen to their customers.

I don't use instagram, but for those that do and want it on the windows platform... I've helped out too; I took the worst picture I could my dog and uploaded it.

no- but actually something useful instead of a app for instagram. thought 1/3 of their customers deleted the account anyways after the nice change in general terms and conditions

-adrian- said,
no- but actually something useful instead of a app for instagram. thought 1/3 of their customers deleted the account anyways after the nice change in general terms and conditions

And im sure you have proof that 1/3 of their customers deleted the account? Assuming you dont since your post confirms you know nothing. And it doesnt matter if the app is useful, alot of ppl use it, its a social app, it was never meant to be overly useful anyways.