Nokia Lumia "Juggernaut" photo leaked

Earlier this year, a list of possible Windows Phone 8 devices showed up on the Internet, including one called Juggernaut Alpha. Today, a image of what looks like a prototype Nokia Lumia phone found its way on the Internet and it might be an example of this "Juggernaut" product.

The photo, as posted on, shows the massive screen on this Windows Phone 8 device, which looks like it rivals that of the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone series. The image was originally leaked by Twitter user "coolRaffy", who later posted up another image with the phone's settings. The settings show that the model name is actually "Juggernaut Semaphone" which would seem to confirm that there is, or at least was, some kind of phone with that name in the works.

There's still a lot of questions about this device. Is this an active project by Nokia, or simply a prototype model for something that the company worked on for a while and then decided not to move forward with? If they did decide to dump it, what was the reason? We suspect that with the success of the Galaxy Note series, more smartphone makers are thinking seriously of making devices with much larger screens for 2013.

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I'd love a Nokia Lumia with a 5.3" or 5.5" screen. I love the look of the Galaxy Note I'd just much rather prefer a Windows Phone device. Combine the two, and you'll have my money!

I think that's either fake or an old prototype (old windows logo on it)... and I agree that resolution is low.

I prefer the design of the Lumia 920 and 820.

This is just a old 480x800 test device. I don't think Nokia will release a new phone for a few more months at least.

On the other hand this could turn into the new 7xx device we haven't seen yet.

kryten said,
I'm pretty sure this is fake. It's got the WP7 logo on it.
Also the space above & below the screen are huge! Much bigger than the ones on my Lumia 920 and more like the proportion of a smaller phone suggesting its been scaled up in Photoshop.

It's possible, but they've had the appropriate WP8 logo on much earlier prototypes and slides dating back to the beginning of the year.

Regardless, I really hope someone pushes out a quality phone (similar specs to the 920) to compete with the size of the iPhone. Not everyone wants something the size of the GS3 or Note. I already own a tablet.