Nokia publishes Symbian source code

The popular Nokia-maintained mobile operating system, Symbian, now finds itself open after Nokia decided to publish the most recent master source code. In a post on the Symbian website, Nokia says it is "making the latest version of the Symbian platform’s source code available to our platform development partners" and that the Symbian Foundation has been replaced by "an open and direct model from Nokia."

The Symbian operating system was originally created by British company Symbian Ltd and bought by Nokia in 2008 for €264 million, at the time of purchase its major share holders consisted of Nokia, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, Matsushita and Samsung. In the second quarter of 2010 it was on over 43.5% of new smart phones sold worldwide, the second place went to RIM with a 20% share and in third place was Apple at 14% with the iPhone OS.

The article also mentions the Microsoft-Nokia partnership and states that it is planned for Windows Phone 7 to be the primary operating system on its devices, although the details are still being worked out. In the mean time Finnish company expects to ship at least 150 million Symbian smart phones and will continue to provide software updates and patches to the platform.

Nokia has also announced that they will no longer refer to the system software as Symbian ^3 or Symbian^4, instead it will just remain Symbian with continued platform updates being supplied to both partners and customers. 



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if this is an april fool's joke, it is not bloody funny.

if this is NOT an april fool's joke, i haven't stop laughing since april 1st.

now all they need to do is release the tools to flash any of the older nokia phones and we can start to have fun

Chinese models of Nokia / Samsung and other cheap replica devices will benefit a lot..

and Will it mean developers now can attempt to root E7 or N8 to port Android in it ??

eilegz said,
its not open source already?

It is, but the licence they use doesn't force them to publish their source code, as they are allowed to use a non-open source licence for any version of Symbian that they roll themselves.

The most feature complete and mature mobile OS on the planet except for the few UI quirks. Bring on the PR2.0. A happy Symbian user/fan.

liju said,
The most feature complete and mature mobile OS on the planet except for the few UI quirks. Bring on the PR2.0. A happy Symbian user/fan.

What features does it have that other OS's don't? I haven't used Symbian since my N95 days, and it was a horrible OS then..