OpalCalc 1.44b

OpalCalc is a brand new type of calculator for the PC. As easy to use as Notepad or a word processor, OpalCalc allows you to insert natural language as part of the sum, along with multi-line support so you can go back and adjust your previous calculations. Want a tiny footprint on the screen for a single sum? Resize accordingly. Want it to fill the screen for heavy-duty work? OpalCalc can adapt.

Featuring a lightweight footprint, on-the-fly calculation as you type, percentages, variable support, hundreds of units and functions, extensive notation support, intuitive design/documentation and much more. Once you've tried it, you'll never want to go back to your ordinary desktop (or PC) calculator again!

Features include:

  • Lightweight footprint (only 600k)
  • Multiline support (notepad style)
  • Configurable GUI with colour schemes
  • Built-in 'Quickstart' tutorial
  • Full colour coding
  • Multiple undo/redo, zoom in/out, etc.
  • Numerous built-in variables and functions (create your own too!)
  • Percentage support
  • Hundreds of measures, like kilograms and feet (create your own too)
  • Extensive date and time support
  • Currency support with conversion (data courtesy of themoneyconverter.com)
  • Portable (260k from a pen drive!)
  • Load/save/print support
  • Programmer syntax and functions
  • Custom number base support
  • Advanced notation support
  • Comma decimal point support for Europe, Russia, and South America etc.

What's new in this version:

  • Restore factory settings broke in 1.43b due to an oversight. This is working again.
  • Clearing the document will now remove the associated filename too (if any is loaded).
  • Miscellaneous fixes when you initially opened an OpalCalc text file (.otxt) from outside OpalCalc to begin with.
  • Other fixes relating to the "Load last session on Startup" option.

Download: OpalCalc 1.44b | 617 KB (Free, paid upgrade available)
Download: Portable OpalCalc | 356 KB
View: Homepage

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I use this program and there's a few reasons why I like it:

- Multiline editing. You can always go back and change previous expressions. Define a few variables, follow it by a few expressions, and modify the variables to see the results of multiple calculations simultaneously in real time.
- Unit conversion. You can convert units by writing (13cm as ft), or write expressions with mixed unit types (13cm + 14in). Do squared or cubed by simply writing (13in2 + 14cm2).

Want to know how many hours it would take to download a 1gib file over a 1mbit connection?
1gib × 1 second per 1 mbit as hours

Want to know how many seconds you've been alive?
@birthday = 1/1/90
@birthday to today as seconds

"The demo/'lite' version is fully functional, except for a 5 line limit for calculations." Wold be a cool program to throw on a USB drive except for that.

Any chance of including screenshots with these kind of software news articles? I know it's more effort, but it would save the click-throughs to other websites... which I personally can't be bothered to do.

Oh come on, that's just lazy. It would have taken you no more than 10 seconds to click a link and find screenshots. It probably took you longer to type your comment!

S.P said,
Oh come on, that's just lazy. It would have taken you no more than 10 seconds to click a link and find screenshots. It probably took you longer to type your comment!

Indeed... but that's only counting this 1 bit of software. I'd click more Software news articles if they had screenshots in them.