Opera 11.50 Alpha released

An image of Opera 11.50's newer Speed Dial

Opera 11.50 released recently, as an Alpha build. The new browser installs separately from existing Opera installations, and is identified as 'Opera Next'. The browser takes the changes made with Opera 11.10, and then does some more. The latest version of Opera can be downloaded here, though the Norwegian company recommend that the browser is not used as default, due to potential bugs and instability. Opera's official description of the browser has the two following points:

Introducing Opera Next
Opera Next gives you a separate installation of the Opera browser that lets you try our latest pre-release versions without affecting your main Opera installation. Also, your Opera Next installation is automatically updated as new versions become available. Opera Next builds may be unstable or contain bugs, but they let you be among the first try out our latest technologies.

Live, interactive Speed Dial
This release takes extensions to the next level. Opera again breaks new ground with Speed Dial extensions. This allows developers to add innovative new functionality to your Speed Dial, offering all kinds of powerful capabilities. A click of your mouse opens a new tab that could show live news feeds, display the weather, present email notifications or much more.

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I don't know if it has it in the configure tab. But they should re-enable the Hide Speed Dial option by default, and not tweaking it on the about:config.

Chaltalian said,
I wonder if the final of 11.50 will get a new UI...

I imagine they wont be any new UI changes, ill be surprised if they did any for 11.50. if they were to do any new UI changes i suspect it be in Opera 12.

I agree that the Hide Speed Dial option should be enabled. I frankly love the Opera 11.10 UI. It'd be great if it could be better, but I don't know how. I think it's awesome.

I use Opera Next as my primary. So far, very stable. Not one crash. Not that a lot seems to have changed so far...But when there are crashes, doesn't take too long to fix most times

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