Outlook.com calendar finally updated

Microsoft launched Outlook.com in July of last year and with the launch brought an entirely new interface to Microsoft's email platforms. One item that was not updated, until now, was the calendar which was stuck with the Hotmail theme since the July launch.

Microsoft states that the calendar utilizes 'Content over Chrome' which means that your information is front and center and that visual queues come second. This mentality is used in many of Microsoft's recent product offerings including Outlook.com

Like the Hotmail upgrade that turned the old Hotmail interface to the new Outlook.com UI, the calendar feature is rolling out now. So, if you don't see the new calendar yet, know that it will arrive shortly.

This update will hopefully will provide a segway into the Outlook.com team offering up the Skype integration that was announced when the product was launched. That feature will allow you to make Skype calls and chat from your Outlook.com inbox.

If you are an Outlook.com fan and want to get more involved with the service, make sure to check out the Outlook Insiders program that we launched yesterday

Source: Outlook Blog

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Still on the old one myself. Certainly one less issue I have with Outlook.com. A few more fixes and I might finally move from GMail/Apps.

Now, if they can fix the bug-ridden Outlook.com Mail threading integration with Windows Phone, MS might actually get its act together to make their products work well together-- whenever I reply in WP8 to a thread, it never integrates that mail into the Conversation view on Outlook.com. You'd think they could threading to work better than Gmail on WP8, but nope, Gmail threading works like a charm with Outlook Mobile.

you still cant search the calender, you can search with the google calender. ms cant you just for once not half ass something?

I wondered if the calendar was upgrading, i got an email notification from it which was Metro themed, however when i looked at the calendar it was the old Hotmail style.

I've still got the old one two! Looks like the start of a very good beginning for Microsoft, what with Windows 8, WP8, Skype and Metro!

About time. But i remember MS saying it will take a while because they had to rewrite a lot of the backend.

One thing i've already noticed is that the Calender looks like the old Calender Metro app, and not the new update, which looks slightly different (no solid colour strips)... So already this Outlook.com Calender needs updating LOL...

Kamran Mackey said,
I wish I had it now!

Me too, all I get now is the old UI header and message:
"Calendar error : Hotmail Calendar wasn't able to complete this request."

Hopefully it's in the process of updating... more importantly, I hope they've not removed features to make it simpler and more metro like.