Outlook.com launches an insider program for the Neowin community

Neowin and the Outlook.com team have been working together over the past year or so to help our community stay abreast of the service and to answer all of your questions about Microsoft's latest foray into the email arena. Since the launch back in July of 2012, the Outlook.com platform has been growing at an incredible rate and to build on that momentum, the Outlook.com team is launching an insiders program with the Neowin community.

What is the insider program? Well first off, make sure to check out this thread in our forum by Galileo, who works on the Outlook.com platform, that has all the details about the program. Posted below is an excerpt from the thread about how you can get involved:

Howdy folks, this is Galileo from the Outlook.com team. We’re getting close to completing the Hotmail to Outlook.com upgrade process. To coincide with this important milestone, and other news you'll hear about very soon, we’re launching our Outlook.com Insiders program exclusively with the Neowin community.

The Outlook.com Insiders program is our first stab at bringing the community closer to our team. This program is made for all the Outlook.com fans out there that like to share their enthusiasm for the product. Through the program you’ll hear about our newest developments directly from our team, as well as learn more about the product itself. Head over to our program description to read more and apply.

The insider program is a great way for you to stay connected to the Outlook.com team and to become a beacon of information about the platform. The Outlook.com is now accepting applications for the program but make sure you meet all of the requirements before you apply.

Trust us, this is a great opportunity to learn more about Outlook.com and there are many items in the pipeline that you will to participate in, you don't want to miss this unique opportunity. 

Join: Outlook.com Insiders program

Read: Outlook.com Insiders Information


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