PSA: Final day for VLC Windows 8 Kickstarter campaign

The campaign to raise money to jump start development of a Windows 8 "Modern" UI app of the popular VLC media player may have achieved its £40,000 goal well ahead of time, but anyone who wants to contribute to this effort still has a little time left before the campaign closes up shop at 7:54 am Eastern time on Saturday.

In the latest update on its Kickstarter page, the team once again expresses their gratitude to their backers, which have now pledged over £45,000 to help the all-volunteer team create the app, which will also be released for Windows RT and Windows Phone 8. It adds:

In the last week, we've prepared our project management tools, collected hardware and software needs for the developers who will work on VLC for Windows 8, RT and Phone and set up our major development milestones. We will start right-away as soon as the campaign is over.

There are a number of donation tiers that offer some physical extras for people who which to put down more than the entry amount such as t-shirts, Windows 8 style VLC cone keyholders and more. The update today says that the team is prepared to "ship all the goodies on time."

Source: VLC for Windows 8 | Image via VideoLAN

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When they announce the release dat I'm going to mark it on my calendar. Right now VLC meets the requirements set by Microsoft but once its out there will no doubt be criticism as this app will make play official DVDs and licensed file types. I wouldn't be suprised if a few weeks after release Microsoft gets sued and decides to change their rules and remove VLC from the marketplace.

They are raising money for a free app? Good way to get paid! I will wait for the free app. (yea, I use Windows...)

NeoPogo said,
They are raising money for a free app? Good way to get paid! I will wait for the free app. (yea, I use Windows...)

Not just the app, its an entire project to create a framework for OSS programmers and more! VLC is just a happy bonus

Glad the target was hit, this looks interesting. I wonder if they will make an android / IOS style port or even a desktop media center on the same style. Or even a linux destro that boots right into it that you could buy in the form of a small box you just connect to the TV.

They already released VLC for iOS but it was removed from the app store because of issues the license (GPL) so I doubt it will ever be made available again.

Y2Stu is correct. The money isn't distributed until the funding drive ends. I guess they could, since the goal was surpassed, assume that the funds are imminent and begin. There could be issues with doing that though. I have seen a few cases where funding was returned because of technical difficulties and/or patent challenges.

I think it's wise to be cautious.

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