Pulse news app announced for Windows Phone

With the Mango update due to be released for Windows Phone 7 owners any day now, a well know free news app will be making its debut for the mobile operating system very soon. Alphonso Labs has announced that its Pulse app will be released for WP7 sometime later this week. The original version of the app was released in the summer of 2010 for the iPad and was briefly removed from the App Store after the New York Times objected that Pulse was stealing its content. Venture Beat reports those days are now over and web sites are now asking to be supported from within the app.

The Pulse app turns content from a user's favorite web sites and makes them look like a tile-based mosaic on the screen. The Windows Phone 7 version will allow users to scroll up and down the mosaic via the touch screen to view different news sources. You can also scroll from left to right to view different news stories from the same source. Touching one of the mosaic tiles brings up the main story from the web site. You can also share that story from within the Pulse application via Twitter, Facebook or an email.

The app allows the user to customize which news sources it gets stories from and also allows the user to group those sources in different categories. You can check out the Windows Phone 7 app in action in the video below. Alphonso Labs claims this will just be the first version released for WP7; it plans to add more features to the app in the coming months.

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This looks very nice. I like how the app's design doesn't rely too much on Metro. Not that there's anything bad with Metro, it's just that a lot of the apps I use tend to look the same, but with different colors.

I use fuse too. Bought it sight unseen when I saw a screenshot of it on another wp7 site. I was wondering why this was such a huge deal.

Well, for 1 thing, while we won't know till it shows up in the store, Fuse is paid software and Pulse on other platforms so far has been free. Not that I think Fuse is bad, I'm just not sure it's worth money.

Oh thank god. I've been using Weave, which works pretty well, but I loved Pulse on my Nook Color so much better and I was shocked when I couldn't find it for my new HTC Trophy.