Putting WiFi into camera memory cards

Chip start-up Eye-Fi has created a memory card that includes a Wi-Fi chip. When a picture is taken, the photo is automatically sent to a photo site, according to Ken Elefant, a partner at Opus Capital, which has invested in the company. When you get the memory card, you set the priorities so that the photos get automatically sent to a given photo site. It is currently unclear on whether the user can choose which photos are sent or whether every single one is transferred. One element that Eye-Fi is trying to integrate is the automatic posting of images to photo blogs. The card fits the standard SD format because the memory chips are stacked.

Considering wi-fi can tap battery power and raise the price of memory cards but the chip can essentially save the end-user a lot of time, tell me Neowin, is this something consumers want?

News source: News.com

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oh thank god for this convenience, itll save me like 4 minutes, and this will especially help my camera's 20 min battery life!

there are already cameras that can do this, if i wanted sumfin like this id rather go for a camera-integrated solution so i can have more control over it...
they should do more effort in things that would be more useful

Glassed Silver:mac

this could've been done long ago.

most devices should have wifi access long ago... but as usual it's about profit and margin...stretch out the feature list and release a new version of a device every year with something added to sell again when all of these things could've been added from early on.

This invention is somewhat old (i thought)... I have a friend photographer, whom uses this at his studio... it's great for on-site instant views/prints of photos taken, and instant views/prints at some off-site events.. like homecoming, or prom... but he would never use it for events like weddings - as it does eat a lot of the battery and wifi may have interference ... as for normal people like us.. we're not going to have our cameras out and a laptop as well to carry around... not something useful - at least for now....

Nobody knows the health implications of this technology yet, so throwing it into every situation may not the best idea; however if it proves harmless this could be quite innovative.

I don't think it should ever be part of the camera, unless it's a professional unit, with the extra battery grip, etc.

For normal user point and shoot camera's it's best to have it as an SD or CF card that has it built in.

From my experience with them, you either manually configure, or use a reader on the PC to write the config to the card, which means you have complete control over where it gets sent. The only proviso is that it means setting up an FTP server on your home PC to be able to receive the pictures (as FTP is how you would be sending them to anything online)
They also are configurable as to whether the pics are stored, sent immediately, or chose to send each one after you approve to send it.

It's not ahead of it's time, it's slightly behind, ask any professional D-SLR user!

And what about security? Say for instance you and your wife are having an intimate romp, you snap a few pix........and someone else snags the transmission.

There are tons of SDIO wifi cards out there, they just put a flash chip on there which is not that hard from a design perspective. SDIO cards can theoretically have 8 devices per 1 interface...

Er. No, it isn't a good idea.

If camera wifi is a requirement, it should be a feature of the camera, not the storage media.

I keep a handful of memory cards on hand - why would I want wifi duplicated in each card rather than in the camera itself? Oh, and pay for the privilege?

This is a good idea but may need some tweaking.

paulkoan said,
If camera wifi is a requirement, it should be a feature of the camera, not the storage media.

I agree in part but what about all those people who spent thousands on expensive digital cameras and want to add wifi capabilities? They probably won't go out to buy another camera just for wifi but they may spend a few hundred on a wifi card.

My biggest complaint is that it sends to a photo site. Personally I think it would be better to be able to send to a computer or wifi enabled digital wallet rather than directly to a website.

Good idea, but I don't think wifi is a good way to do it. What if you're not at a Wifi spot? Wouldn't it have been better to integrate this into camera phones via GPRS or some such?

I would love to be able to snap a photo and have it automatically appear on my laptop. I can see that actually making me a lot more productive.

It's a nice innovation but my concern is the drain on the battery; especially if you're taking high-resolution photos that may need to be touched-up before you want anyone to see them. It also goes without saying that this is only useful if you have a WiFi hotspot around and then I expect some sort of encryption to keep strangers from snatching your photos out of the air.

I dont need it. I have a memory card reader in my laptop and in my desktop. I dont need my sd card to waste my cameras battery like that.