Razer's "Project Fiona" Windows 8 tablet officially a "Go"

It's official: After months of teases, Razer will now make a gaming PC tablet. The company first showed off a hardware concept device at CES 2012 with the code name Project Fiona. However, Razer had not yet decided whether or not to go ahead with full production on the PC product.

Earlier this week, Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan posted on his Facebook page saying that if his message received " .. 10,000 likes/shares in the next 7 days, we’ll work on making the concept a reality and launch the product." It took only a day to reach that level so Tan posted up another note on his page late on Friday saying, "Judging by the speed we hit 10k likes, it sounds like you want this. Next week we will start crowdsourcing questions on the Razer page."

Just to be sure, we contacted Tan to ask if "Project Fiona" will indeed use Windows 8 and he confirmed in a Twitter message that will be the case:

Tan indicated that Razer will be asking for suggestions on the final version of "Project Fiona" should be like from customers on the company's Facebook page , including "specs form factor, pricing, features etc." The concept design for "Project Fiona" that Razer showed off in January had an Intel i7 Core processor inside, along with two controllers on either side of the tablet. At the time, the company told us it hoped to sell a version of the tablet at a price lower than $1,000.

Source: Razer Facebook page | Image via Razer

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Caveman-ugh said,
To me it looks "UGLY" in the extreme with those handles on the sides of it !!

Man you can only see ugly things when its not standard eh? ;o

What I don't get it is that it will probably go with Intel like any Razer product but actually they are making a mistake with it on two levels, first the price and second the igpu.

AMD solution would be cheaper - they could release the things about 100-200 bucks cheaper = more buyers = more profit.

Anything that AMD has on igpu blows Intels choise right out of the water, even if they go with Hondo (which is to be revealed at 9'th of October I'm guessing?)

This might sound as a fanboy talking and maybe I am but this is how I see it.

francescob said,
Shrek won't be happy knowing how many people will put their hands on it!

Oh well...he'll get over it....id say something else instead about him playing with it but that's all i'll say

Coolicer said,

Intel integrated graphics it is then...

AMD would be a good choice... don't need raw throughput cpu wise for tablets but the GPU would be sweet

Coolicer said,

Intel integrated graphics it is then...

Not necessarily. If they take advantage of discounted or previous generation GPU they could get under that price point.

There are 700-800 US notebooks out there with powerful GPU options. The last bunch of HPs we picked up were around $750 last year and had 6770M GPUs.

So take that class of GPU, which is cheaper being 'older' now, and that price point would be easy.

We have seen a lot of inflation of mid range systems, partially due to the popularity of crap from Apple, but that doesn't mean economical PC notebooks are not possible still.

Assuming this device has a touch interface....
Windows TabletPCs have always carried a premium price, mainly due to the digitizer quality screens that are several times a simple touch screen, and 8x a screen on an iPad that is a low quality touch input technology.

However, people will be ok with the iPad or 'better' touch screen quality. That is why you see several 8-10 touch point screens that are not digitizer quality.*

*Also note they are 'live' touch points, unlike the iPad that only can sample 'new' touch points beyond without tracking beyond 4.

spudtrooper said,

AMD would be a good choice... don't need raw throughput cpu wise for tablets but the GPU would be sweet

Exactly, an AMD APU would shine in this thing, hell, it shines in almost every laptop!

The question is, is Razer also in Intel's pockets, that their hands are tied regarding the use of AMD chips? (not a flamebait, if you don't know what I'm talking about, please move along).