Registration for .Me Domains Opens

Registrations for the .me top level domain started yesterday afternoon, giving users a new crack at getting a personalised web address. Unlike the recent staggered rollout of the .asia domain, the .me registrations are open to everyone from day one. The .me domain name was previously assigned to Montenegro after the country gained independence in June 2006. However, owing to the widespread potential appeal of the name it is now available for general use. The new domain follows the recent vote by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to allow users to register whatever domain suffix they want for their site.

"Everyone can and should have their own personalised domain name," said Jonathan Robinson, chief operating officer at NetNames. "The release of the .me suffix is an exciting and immediately available opportunity for consumers to stake their claim in cyberspace."

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this top domain level is really ugly i must say.

I mean, if i have or or whatever, i don't see a reason why people will opt to buy these domains.

I agree that it sucks for Montenegro though.

Many users (if not all) are not fond for new domain, mainly because new domain can (and are used) for scammers/parker sites.

in the future its gonna be probably .you-choose

and then the bookmark is gonna be your phonebook type thing.

Everyone's gonna have their own unique little name, and then bookmarks will be like phonebooks on cellphones where u hae to type in a site, and then the name and go to websites like that.

a couple of years ago it was .name now its .me in a few more years it will be .mine


wake me when there's some real news please

not sure how a .me TDL makes it a personalized domain name... but what ever... kinda sucks for Montenegro though...