Rumor: Nokia's tablet to feature special cover with keyboard, kickstand and extra battery

This is a fan-made mock-up created by Jonas Daehnert illustrating what a Nokia tablet may look like.

Nokia has been teasing a tablet product for the better part of 2012, though the Finnish company has been silent on that front lately. Despite Nokia’s silence, the rumors are still leaking out.

The Verge claims to have received a bit more info on Nokia’s tablet via unnamed sources. According to them Nokia’s first tablet will have a 10.1-inch display “similar to Microsoft’s Surface RT screen.” Whether that means the same lower-than-average resolution remains to be seen, but hopefully Nokia will raise the bar here. The tablet will also be sporting HDMI and USB ports as well as cellular connectivity with AT&T being rumored as the first carrier to stock it in the US.

According to this same report, Nokia’s tablet will feature a special cover that will extend the capabilities of the device in many ways. Supposedly, this cover will envelop the tablet completely similarly to a book cover and will provide a kickstand, a keyboard similar to Microsoft’s touch/type covers, as well as extra ports and extra battery life. The tablet is supposed to last somewhere around 10 hours on a full charge without this cover and it will also feature fast charging that will get the battery capacity to 50% in a very short time.

Lastly, The Verge claim that Nokia will only build a small number of tablets initially that run on ARM chips and use Windows RT as the operating system with a possible Windows 8 device coming later next year. According to some recent rumors, we might see Nokia’s tablet at Mobile World Congress in February of next year.

Source: The Verge

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Every rumor about this tablet scream FAIL.

First, its RT, which is only a tablet OS, and actually works against MS message of a convergance device. Whenever I hear RT, I instantly translate to NOT BUY (Unless the device is price competively w/ other Tablet OS Devices, then maybe, but then again, since it only runs Tablet Apps, it has NONE) Don't get me wrong, I feel in a few years, the Metro apps should be plentiful, but right now, there is no compelling reason to pick an RT device

If they make a Win8 Pro version, then that should be fine, but doubtful.

Second FAIL - Says it will be tied to a cell carrier w/ cell radio. This is a failure b/c that will instantly raise the price of the device to probably around $700, if not more (They will graciously sell you it for $600 tho w/ a 2-year contract)

Again, this could be ok, if they make a wifi only version as well.

I guess my main point is every 'feature' they mention will only add to the cost of the device, and price it out of its market. A 10in Tablet OS device should be priced at around 400. Everything in this spec rumor means this product will probably more than likely be priced at $700 or above.

I'm sorry but this comment is just dense bullsh*t. Just to name a few:

- Apps are merely frontends to websites, so no, the low number of apps is just not a showstopper when 99% of youth spends 99% of their time on

- Currently, ARM devices have about twice as much runtime with a single charge as x86 devices so it's way better for portable consumer browsing.

- Assuming that a 2013 tablet lacks WiFi is just pure ignorance/hate speech. Even for a 2010 cell phone it would've been a shot in the foot.

bviktor said,
Currently, ARM devices have about twice as much runtime with a single charge as x86 devices so it's way better for portable consumer browsing.

Talking of bullsh*t, you're completely wrong about this.

All Windows 8 tablets with Intel Clover Trail/Atom will easily last as long on battery as any ARM/RT tablet, as it uses under 3 w power - the same as ARM. But it's also faster than current ARM/Win RT tablets. Clover Trail tablets are also just as thin and light. It's a superior platform because it can match ARM in every area, but betters it in performance while being able to run all desktop x86 software.

Look at the Samsung ATIV Smart PC or Acer W510 tablets. Both use Intel Clover Trail and get around 9 hours use.

Edited by 1Pixel, Dec 24 2012, 10:14pm :

Can't wait! If it looks like the fan picture, I will be very tempted!
I just want higher screen qualities and lower prices though, the latter is completely unlikely though

i really doubt we will see a hi res RT tablet. The hardware just isn't there yet (the chipset is what I mean).

Its isn't as optimized as I hoped.