Rumor: Sony to launch Internet-based cable TV service?

Sony may be attempting to launch its own Internet-based cable TV service, if a new article at the Wall Street Journal is to be believed. The article, which cites unnamed sources, claims that Sony has been in talks with several broadcast and cable TV networks, including NBCUniversal, Discovery Communications, and News Corp. So far Sony has not officially confirmed or denied this report.

Details are currently scarce but the report claims that Sony's plan is to over access to a number of TV channels to its TVs with Internet connections, along with its Blu-Ray players and its Playstation 3 console. One source claims that Sony might sign up smaller cable TV channels for its Internet service that sometimes have trouble getting access to the larger cable TV and satellite operators.

The plan sounds similar to what Microsoft plans to launch later this year with its Xbox 360 console offering live TV from a number of cable outlets. One big advantage Sony has over Microsoft is that it already owns the rights to a number of movies and TV shows through its various Hollywood studio subsidiaries. That automatically gives Sony a lot of content to draw upon if it were to go ahead with these kinds of plans. Sony already sells downloadable movies and TV show episodes on the Playstation 3 via the Playstation Network.

With Microsoft already planning its own Xbox 360 live TV service and Google's YouTube launching its own Internet video network with lots of new original content, its more than possible that Sony wants a piece of that Internet TV show pie.

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This is the same rumor people thought MS was doing with XBOX last year. And it turns out, it's not even true. So why should we even believe this?

LOL. Why would anyone want to be tied even tighter to Sony. They don't exactly have a good track record for their proprietary services.

It's like I said. Whoever puts the most live-air Cable TV content online in one place will win. I still want one of them to include WatchESPN.

But will they add Sony Google TV devices to those getting Sony TV service?

While the youtube and other WebTV services are available on Sony TVs and Blu Ray Players, I do not know why Sony has not launched these for PS3 yet. MS did a major overhaul of the XBOIX interface while Sony has lagged behind. Sony is not going to survive long with such laziness.

calimike said,
Death of cable and satellite TV (DirecTV & Dish Network). New Age of Internet TV is incoming!

gawd no, with as much as I watch TV and my wife watches TV we would max out our monthly bandwidth usage every month.... I'm not talking about crappy streaming of Low quality shows that claim HD, I am talking about watching TV at true 10-20 Mbps HD quality like you get on cable.... we'd hit that limit pretty fast and get kicked off our ISP (Comcast) for watching to much tv on the internet due to the caps being hard caps basically.... hit it twice kicked off the internet for a year......

calimike said,
Death of cable and satellite TV (DirecTV & Dish Network). New Age of Internet TV is incoming!

Yep, enjoy subscribing to Sony, Paramount, Fox, Disney, ESPN, etc via each companies portal. The future seems to have lost a bit of its shine.