Rumor: Xbox One could launch in the US November 8th

Sony has already announced that the PlayStation 4 will go on sale in the US on November 15th. Now a new rumor claims that Microsoft might try to beat Sony to the punch and launch its rival Xbox One game console one week earlier than the PS4's release date.

According to a report on Kotaku, an unnamed source that works for a company that helps Walmart with their midnight game sales events has sent over a document that shows a Friday, November 8th launch date for the Xbox One.

However, that same document also shows other midnight sales events for future game releases, along with the PS4, that have the word "Confirmed" next to their dates. The list does not have that "Confirmed" label with the Xbox One November 8th midnight launch event, which could mean that Microsoft has not yet settled on that time period for the US launch of their next console.

If Microsoft does hold to that November 8th launch date, it would certainly be a major coup, at least in the US, over the PS4 and its launch time period. Hopefully we will get a confirmation from Microsoft soon, perhaps this weekend as part of their PAX Prime activities in Seattle.

Source: Kotaku | Image via Microsoft

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I wonder what effect (if any) this will have between the XB1 sales vs. PS4 sales. I mean it's only a week difference, not like the 360 being released a year before the PS3.

A week won't make much of any difference really. Both consoles will instantly sell out of whatever stock there is; regardless of which one comes first. Though if it's a difference of a month or two, that's a different story.

I didn't think it would have much effect. I do think it is cool though that they are being released more or less together. Will make sales figures more interesting.

I wonder how soon it'll hit markets where there's no official launch like where I live? I know the hold up is on localization and so on but from some leaked documents and what we know officially there's no reason the system won't work and connect to live just fine if you're in one of the places it hasn't officially released in.

The problem would be the inability to buy content with your CC if it's from an unsupported country, but we can always use prepaid cards for Gold and so on. Knowing this I might get it sooner than I had originally expected/planned to. I was going to hold off till January probably but might not this time, don't know yet.

Sounds awesome. Now give me my day one edition already! I want to put in a day of vacation and the sooner I get a solid date the better!