Service manual for LG and Google's next smartphone, Nexus 5, leaked

Even though it hasn't been officially announced yet by Google, most Internet rumors claim that the Nexus 5 smartphone will be launched sometime before the end of October. This week, the full service manual for the Android smartphone, which is being made for Google by LG, leaked on the Internet over the weekend, revealing pretty much everything about the device.

Android Police originally posted the manual, but was later told to remove it from the site by LG. While the document is supposed to be a draft and thus could still have errors, it does seem to confirm much of what's been previous rumors about the Nexus 5. Here are just some of the spec mentioned in the manual.

  • 4.95" IPS TFT 1080p display
  • 16GB and 32GB internal storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 at 2.3GHz
  • 8 megapixel rear camera; 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • 2300mAh battery
  • MicroSIM slot
  • Notification light
  • Wireless charging
  • NFC

One interesting thing in the manual specs is the sensors listed inside the Nexus 5. While there are the usual ones that are on other smartphones like gyroscope accelerometer, compass, proximity and light, there's also one that reportedly detects pressure. Currently rumors claim that Google will officially announce the Nexus 5 on October 14th.

Source: Android Police | Image via Android Police

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Dinggus said,
I haven't met anyone with anything more than a 16GB phone.

5 minutes of 4K video is 1.5GB on my note 3

McKay said,
5 minutes of 4K video is 1.5GB on my note 3

That's the phone that I'm looking to get. Is there any way to get around the 5m limit on 4K recordings? And what's the quality like at that resolution? The lack of image stabilisation at 4K is my main concern, so I'll probably end up using it in 1080p.

Dinggus said,

I don't really play games on my phone, nor do the people I know. As for photo's, you got Dropbox, Copy, etc. As for music, you got Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, etc.

Unless you prefer, like me, to keep data on the device. I have no compelling desire to increase carriers profits streaming data using outrageously expensive and capped plans.
My Lumia 920 has 32 GB of memory but I would buy without a blink a new model with 64 GB or, even better a SD slot. Others will prefer streaming and, as long as there choices, I have no problems. One solution, as well as one size, does not fit all....

StandingInAlley said,
Maybe you haven't but there are so many people who need more space than 16Gb. Try installing games and apps of large size then there is music, capturing photos from camera etc.

cloud storage for pictures frees up lots of space i have about 17,000 pics on my copy accounts thats not on my phone and my music is in the cloud with google music currently have 20 gigs free of the 32 ( did the same with my nexus4 too )

McKay said,

5 minutes of 4K video is 1.5GB on my note 3

If you have the money for a Note 3 and 4K TV (why else would you be recording at 4K?) you surely can pay for the humongus data plan needed to upload all that data when you run out of internal storage on the road.
I surely like having the option to have a micro SD slot, but sometimes it feels like somebody buying a Dodge truck just to cry that it eats up too much gas.

sanke1 said,

Not necessarily. I need SD card slot. Google's phone has best Android experience.

What do you use the SD card for?

sanke1 said,
16gb internal memory with no SD Card slot? Again a disappointment as usual. These days it's 64gb or nothing.

Clearly Google is going Apple way.

Non SD support is why I won't get a Nexus 4. They really should add support for it, Android users like to get as much storage as possible, that's how I feel about it at least

Had a 32gb 3gs, used about 8gb.. bought a 16gb S3 with a 32gb card, used about 8.. really struggle to see the need to carry an entire cd collection in your pocket.. I end up listening to the same albums or even playlist.. so 16gb is more than enough..

REALLY disappointed in the battery though.. like to see how it performs before getting one.

nvllsvm said,
Crappy battery, no 64gb+, and an iffy camera. I don't see a reason to upgrade from my Nexus 4.


Speed, better screen..thats why im goin for it..and itll be why not. Also want the 32GB version.

you know the main issue its the poor amount of battery i mean 2300 mAH powering a 1080p screen phone, sorry but thats horrible... its going to be worse than nexus 4 in the battery life department...

they rather sticked with a 720p screen maybe that would be a better choice

i have to LoL @ all the people going on about the 16 gigs .... they give you 32 you would bitch about not having 64 if they give you 64 you would bitch thats not enough ...

It's not an issue of 16GB or 32GB. Its an issue of not providing an SD Card Slot. This is just a way to make people pay more money for 32GB model. If there is an SD Card Slot, I can have 16 + 64 = 80 GB of storage space. All of my purchased music can fit on it and I save money over expensive 3G charges spent over streaming and cloud storage.
Understand that.

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