Simple Performance Boost 1.0.0 - Simple Performance Boost is designed to bring only the safest tweaks to your system to increase speed and stability.

Windows is setup in a default configuration. By fine tuning your Windows configuration you can increase the speed and snappiness of the operating system. These tweaks are the ones that are safe and shown to cause no side effects with any programs. Each tweak only gives a small performance boost. But they all add up, so the more tweaks you do the more performance you get.

What can you expect with this program?

It all depends on your current system. You can get faster boot & shutdown times, faster network file sharing, snappier feel to opening Windows and programs, and more stability. The system in all should feel smoother. These tweaks are the same ones I put on my customers machines and have found them to not cause any problems with any programs.

Only safe tweaks are in this program. The program also supports a silent command so you can run the program silently.

Set the options you want, which will save to the settings.ini file. Run the program with /silent command and the program will apply based on your saved settings then close.

When the program is ran for the first time it will backup all the regkeys it changes into a backup.reg file. This way if you ever want to put things back the way they where a double click of that reg file and your good to go.

What's new in this version:

  • No Longer in beta and is officially released.
  • Minor changes to the way the program runs the service tweak tools.

Download setup: Simple Performance Boost 1.0.0 | 2.0 MB (Freeware)
Download portable: Simple Performance Boost 1.0.0 | 380 KB
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The most popular reason why a system slows down is due to antivirus software. Wait, but most people need it. So this app will not help if you use antivirus software. Oh, and don't believe all those commercials on TV and online that claim to speed up your PC. These apps are only for XP and earlier. If you have to use antivirus software I would choose one that puts less of a footprint on the performance of your computer. Oh and Add a few gigs of memory if you have a 64bit OS (6gigs is perfect).

Just for the heck of it, I gave this thing a go on a Windows 7 machine, using the programs default settings, that usually ticks me off to the max because it feels so slow compared to my others, thusly why it's the kids computer. The only 2 changes it made on this thing were the 2 below and any one in their right mind would know you don't disable paging of the kernel!! The large system cache by default is not enabled either and I just simply have never touched that one. Maybe if this machine was a monster with tons of memory, those tweaks might work, but they are crap on here! Granted, I have done quite a few of those tweaks manually myself because this machine does need all the help it can get, but those 2 are not ANY help!! Very quickly merged the original registry edits back to the way they were.

Paging of kernel disabled Yes

Large System Cache enabled Yes

I haven't used one of these things since Windows Me, which I didn't use for very long anyway.

Any OS based on NT doesn't need much tweaking as long as you're not loading 900 things to start up automatically.

Check out the screens, it's pretty much what it does. I havent used one since I had 7 installed, tried cacheman recently 'cause at least on XP it did wonders.
This has basic tweaks, at least won't ruin anything.