Skype for Windows 8 gets updated with video messaging preview

Earlier this week, the Windows desktop version of Skype got an update that added the long awaited video messaging feature. Today, the company released a new update for the Modern Windows 8 Skype app that includes a "preview" version of those video messaging additions.

The update, with the version number 1.7, will allow users to record and send video messages to their Skype friends, even if they are not online at the time. As with the desktop version, the Windows 8 Skype app limits the length of the video messages to three minutes; free Skype users can sent 20 such messages but they can get more if they paid for a Skype premium account.

In their blog post announcing the Windows 8 Skype update, Microsoft was deliberate in calling the video messaging addition a "preview", which means that people who use the feature could encounter some bugs. Microsoft says it is looking for feedback from Skype users to help improve these new feature and will be watching the Skype Support message boards, along with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Today's new 1.7 version of the Windows 8 Skype app also mentions unnamed "general fixes" to the app in the change notes.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Microsoft

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It's so weird that Skype for Windows 8 now supports Video Messaging and still lacks regular VoiceMail support


Now please integrate Skype properly into the Microsoft ecosystem and bring it up to par as WLM:
- Contact linking (no duplicates)
- Favorite contacts same as Microsoft account ones
- Proper offline messaging
- Use connected services from the Microsoft account (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
- Better minimalistic emoticons like the rest of MS services
- Drag+drop/Copy+paste instant picture sharing

Shadow 024 said,

- Personal Font & Color

I'll pass on this - always hated it when my friends typed in colors like neon green, I would have to highlight the text to read it, it was retarded, do not want.