Sleipnir is designed to be a highly customizable browser that you can configure to suit your individual needs. With Sleipnir, you can create your ideal browser by changing the design, skin, and visual appearance. You can also add custom functionality to Sleipnir with a wide range of plugins and user scripts. Users love Seipnir for it's unique blend of high-performance and customizability!

Sleipnir 3 for Windows Web Browser isn't just powerful. It also includes a feeling that encaptures you from the moment you touch it. The feeling when using the easy tab switching of the all new full screen mode makes everyday browsing a much more pleasant experience. Sleipnir 3 for Windows Web Browser starts in an instance, even when opening hundreds of tabs. There is also no waiting time when opening a mass of bookmarks at one time. We have made daily browsing a much more speedy process by incorporating tab groups with many ideas.

Download: Sleipnir | Portable | 16.5 - 21.2 MB (Freeware)
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Have been using Sleipnir over 8 years now... Dont know about V3 but V2 that i use supports using both the Gecko (mozilla) as well as Trident (IE) engines... with a click of a button it switches the engines... similar to IETab firefox plugin... Sleipnir has always been my goto browser when i needed secure browsing... with a click of a button it can turn off most of the "unsecure" browser features (JS, ActiveX, JAVA, etc)...

I do see a IE logo with the number 9 in the address bar of the screenshot.. that maybe the new place to switch engines probably if V3 still supports multiple engines