Some AT&T WP7 devices are not Mango-ready [Updated]

The Windows Phone Mango roll-out has just gotten underway, but if you are on AT&T and use the HTC HD7S, Focus v 1.4 or the Dell Venue Pro, your wait is not over.

The update post on the “Where’s my phone update” page has listed the above devices as not being ready yet for Mango. The HD7S is still in the scheduling phase, which means a roll-out should occur soon but the Samsung device is in the testing stage and the Dell device is still in planning.

For those who are using these devices, the news is disappointing as you will not be able to upgrade to the Mango goodness. While the update will eventually come, you are currently stuck with NoDo for now.

Microsoft, you can bet, is working with AT&T and the vendors to get these updates out as soon as possible. While the roll-out continues for everyone else, Microsoft surely wants all of its devices to be running the latest software to offer the best customer experience possible.

We will keep you updated on when Microsoft provides more information about these devices.

Update: WPCentral is reporting that Mango is now shipping for the HTC HD7S, and for the Dell Venue Pro.

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I'm on 7390 and I have a refurbished Focus because my original Focus 1.3's proxmity sensor doesn't say if it is 1.3 or 1.4 underneath the's like a special refurb sticker...containing my IMEI and some other random stuff, but nothing about the revision number... I didn't get the update yet and it's angering me...I feel like I see what's happening here...I won't get the update pushed to me because my phone has some odd revision that's not in Microsoft's update system...

Just FYI, I've got one of those refurb devices without a revision number on the sticker too (because my original one stopped taking a charge). I received the update this afternoon. So I'd say just keep trying.

Brandon said,
Gotta love carrier customizations...

In this case, we're talking about Samsung customizations. Their v1.4 hardware had significant changes from the v1.3 hardware - enough that it caused some huge issues with the NoDo release until AT&T was able to isolate the issues to v1.4 hardware and then work w/ MS to only push 7390 to v1.3. They finally got v7392 to the v1.4 handsets later, but it took a while. Blame Samsung for the large delay on the Focus v1.4.
I speculate that the HD7S is only in scheduling because it wasn't in the original AT&T lineup so they don't have their update testing fully completed or something similar. At least it's in Scheduling and not still in "testing". That's a good sign and means it could come out much sooner.