Spam kills; SMS blows up would-be suicide bomber too early

A would-be suicide bomber accidentally blew herself up in Moscow, Russia on New Years Eve. The suspected reasoning for the accidental detonation, a spam SMS message on her phone wishing her a happy new years.

The "Black Widow" was getting prepared to blow herself up in a large crowd during the New Years countdown, using a belt full of explosives, until an SMS message set the bomb off too early, only killing herself. The Telegraph reports that the security officials handling the case believe the source of the accidental bombing was from a spam message to her mobile phone, which was used to trigger the bomb.

Terrorists normally use cheap mobile phones to detonate the bomb, having a remote handler send the suicide-bomber a text message or phone call, triggering the explosive. The explosive belt used in this case would have killed hundreds of people, and injuring hundreds or even thousands more.

At the time of the detonation, the woman was getting prepared with two other suspects at a safe house. Both of the other suspects survived and were seen fleeing from the scene of the bombing.

It just goes to prove, not all spam is bad.

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Ka74ever said,

And everyone is assuming that she's Muslim...

The dead woman has not been identified. Her handler, a 24-year-old woman from the internal Muslim Russian republic of Dagestan, has been named as Zeinat Suyunova.
Her husband is apparently still serving time in jail for himself being a member of a radical Islamist terror group.

Going by that I'm guessing she was a Muslim and believed the religion of Islam

Why does everyone seem more amused than concerned? It could have been quite a tragedy if that woman hadn't received the SMS earlier than expected. Which only makes me question the practicality of there being cheap and almost untraceable pay-as-you-go phones out there.

I'm also wondering if she's tied to any specific separatist or terrorist groups, which Neowin only left dangling as 'terrorist'. Guess I'll have to check the link.

I always wondered what would happen in that case... I get phone calls from random people with the wrong number all the time. Is it really so rare for that to happen to terrorists too?

radwimp said,
Why are people making light of this?

Are we supposed to be upset that a suicide bomber intent on killing civilians got killed by something totally random before she could make it to her target?

Two things -

1. It's Happy New Year NOT Happy New Years, unless you have more than one year running at the same time!

2. By definition, suicide is the act of deliberately taking ones own life. Someone else detonating the bomb is not suicide.

"It just goes to prove, not all spam is bad."

Don't you just LOVE spam sometimes!!! How I lolled.

At least she saw her new year in with a 'bang' (sorry for the unfunny, i just had to do it)

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