Speckie 4.4

Speckie is a real-time spell checker for Internet Explorer that will automatically check your spelling as you type into online forms, post forum messages or write emails in your webmail account. It supports multiple dictionaries in different languages as well as custom dictionary entries. Whenever Speckie detects a misspelled word, it highlights it and you can choose the correct spelling from the right-click menu. Other features include customizable highlight styles and support for single-line and multi-line edit fields.

Speckie features:

  • The first and only real time dedicated spell checking solution for IE. Now battle hardened by thousands of users worldwide!
  • The first and only spell checker that can use one or more dictionaries simultaneously.
  • The first and only spell checker for the 64 bit version of IE.
  • Translated to 32 different languages and with 33 dictionaries available.
  • Optionally spell check single and/or multiple line edit fields.
  • Add and manage words in per-language user dictionaries.
  • Specialised dictionaries for the Medical, Legal and Financial sectors.
  • Ability to configure the highlight of misspellings; suitable for the visually impaired.
  • Works with CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 online.
  • Works with Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010 and Outlook Web Access 2007.
  • Improve productivity; no more waiting until you're done typing and clicking buttons to spell check!
  • and much, much more...

Changes in Speckie 4.4

  • Changed the Ignore All feature to match whole words.
  • Improved handling of input fields marked as read only.
  • Fixed an instance where the tag is not removed when editing.
  • Changed the personal use installer to always require administrator privilege.
  • Settings specified on the command line now override existing settings.*
  • User dictionaries are now only created in a single directory on Windows XP.*
  • The User dictionary directory property is now capable of accepting all valid environment variables.*
  • Added a workaround for a rendering issue occuring when IE fires the document complete event before all JavaScript has completed executing.*

*Feature available in commercial version only.

Download: Speckie 4.4 | 2.4 MB (Freeware)
Screenshots: >>Click Here<<
View: Speckie Website

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