Sprint on the verge of disaster, thanks to you

If you were to review Sprints latest earnings you would have garnered that they lost another 1.3 million customers. Yes that's million; people are fleeing Sprint like the plague.

How did get Sprint get to this point? You would think that it may be based on poor coverage, slow data, or bad customer service. It's clearly not coverage or data speeds as they consistently rank high for those two marks. The truth is, is that Sprint dug itself into a whole so deep that customers exploited the system.

Anyone who is or was a customer learned quickly that if you call up and say you're going to drop your service that you could essentially get away with cell phone murder. As a pervious user I was able to snag data for at 50% off its retail price while adding an extra 100 minutes to my plan. Does that make me a bad person, I didn't think so but then again it is how you get there is the problem.

Sprint is known to have horrendous customer service. Despite the few that have no problems, anyone having to deal with billing knew you couldn't count on anything. Reports of overbilling, wrong plans, outrageous overages that should have been covered by their plan and the list goes on and on. It's no secret that customer service is disastrous.

The entire problem started when sprint opened its retention department. A quick surf of the web will tell you that if you call a customer service rep and you don't get the services you want for free, simply, hang up and try again. It's this simple hang up and try again factor that really screwed the Sprint pooch. Due to poor training the results you got from Sprint ranged from freebies to nothing at all, it depended on the customer service rep.

As Sprint has tried to slow the bleeding they are essentially running away the customers who stayed for the freebies. Sprint has been cracking down on its free add-ons which are a direct result of the massive declines in Sprint's user base. Why stay with a shoddy company when Verizon and AT&T have much better customer service and reputation.

Sprint has a long and tough road to earn back the public's reputation. They are attempting to flood the airways to help increase a user base but until the fundamentals are fixed they won't see any change. You can't make the declaration either that its Sprints phone selection that's driving customers to the other providers. For a long part of the early 2000's Sprint and Verizon had very similar phone lineups and in terms of RIM, they are the same. This was impart due to them both being on CDMA technology where the markets were not that large for cell phone manufactures. Regardless of phone choice Verizon has been growing by leaps over Sprint.

How can Sprint help themselves? Firstly a revamp of customer service rep training is required. If all of your service reps can't give the same answer then your training is failing. One customer should be able to get a response to any question consistently from any rep. Start with that basic idea and don't make your company looks desperate by bending at the knees and giving away service for free.

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This article is exactly right, I have a contract with Sprint and I ordered 3 cellphones on a 5 payment plan that the sales representative was happy and quick to arrange for me, then I got a call later from Sprint saying my payment was late because I hadn't payed the entire amount of the phones, when I called the finance department they said the sales rep. had no authority to arrange that payment plan in the first place and they didn't want to solve the situation even though it was one of their employees at fault. I'll definitely not use a Sprint service again after my contract is over.

Got to respect American consumerism, mess with the American consumer long enough and they will punish you properly.

I wish it was the same in my country, I'd love to see some companies getting the boot from the consumers.

Good read, however as it is Neowin front page news, it should have been checked by someone who has better English skills than the writer before being posted.

Tikitiki said,
It's their own gilded, problem-riddled policies that dug them into their whole, not the people.


xcopmanx said,
? lol. How did you fix it? You made it worse. :)

The author typed whole instead of hole. I was just joking. :-(

Another Arizona resident here, great area for sprint.

Back in PA (western side) its also very nice.

The services you get on sprint + cost really makes it one of the best deals out there.

Most everything this article complains about can be the same for any other provider. *shrug*

I am a current customer of Sprint. Personally, their customer service is great. They're compentent people trying to correct a f*'d up billing system. Ever since their billing migration back in July (I think it was), I have had erroneous charges on my bill that shouldn't have been because of the current plan I have had. I've had to call their billing support at least once every month to get this corrected. I don't know why this problem hasn't been resolved by now, but other than that, their coverage in Arizona is great, and their CSR's are competent. They don't read from scripts like others do.

I left Cingular (at the time) to go to Sprint. I found Sprint to be much better than Cingular. With Sprint I had great coverage and the price was great. The only problem is that it's about a half hour wait just to talk to a live person.

I did eventually drop them when I moved into a rural area and could no longer get service. They were very good about it and gave me a refund. I guess that is why they are going out of business. Too lax when it comes to business.

CDMA really hurts Sprint because all the common folk want to be able to change their "chip" into a new phone they found or bought or were given. Everything else that's been discussed is also a huge reason why. Personally I have them because I get unlimited everything for $20 through my employer.

Who edited this, the grammar and spelling mistakes, and sometimes just using the wrong word altogether?

And I get the same over billing from Verizon too, so no company is perfect.

RDExpress said,
It's grammatically appalling but he gets the message that he's trying to portray across so I don't have any problem with that.

I have a HUGE problem with it. The message is important, but the manner in which it's conveyed is important, too. Internet or not, this is a *published* piece. There's absolutely no excuse for the mistakes in the article.

I never had any problems with Sprint, just with the phones I had on Sprint. I switched to Cingular / AT&T because they had better phones (BlackJack then iPhone), because my company had a special deal with them, and have stuck with them largely because of the iPhone.

It's also really great to have a phone that works overseas.

I doubt Sprint's troubles had much at all to do with the special deals they gave a few people who tried to leave. That didn't drive away 1.3 million people. iPhone did that.

There were many more issues with Sprint than that of horrendous customer service with that being the biggest one. People complained of being billed for things that they shouldn't have and other issues. Take a good look at The Consumerist and you'll see why people left Sprint.

AT&T paid a pretty penny to Apple for the iPhone to the tune of almost $1bln to have exclusivity. The issue is that the US's network is still way behind when it comes to GSM and people will change over to another provider if they can get better phones. Same thing in Canada, 3 major providers and only Rogers has GSM so people who wanted the iphone had to switch.

I left Sprint for AT&T and the iPhone. Sprint's cellular service was much better, but the iPhone is totally worth it!

Galley said,
I left Sprint for AT&T and the iPhone. Sprint's cellular service was much better, but the iPhone is totally worth it!

I want what you're smoking.

XeonBuilder said,
Sprints service blows away AT&T. All that BS about "can you hear me now?" is just that... BS. I have colleagues who complain about ATTs not so great coverage. And it would take a lot more than the iJunk for me to move to ATT ;)

"can you hear me now" is verizon, not AT&T.

I have the 30.00 SERO plan too, and unlimited incoming and free phone as modem, 500 extra minutes, and a bunch of other stuff. I love my plan and actually enjoy my Touch.

On top of it all I even got a 15.00 credit off my bill. I also know the SOC (codes the system knows to "give" your account a feature) codes that can give pretty much anything for free, and applied them to my account.

It pretty much is users like us who kept Sprint where it was, and right now by cracking down on its user base that stayed for the deals they are just hurting theirself worse.

I know about 2 people on Sprint these days. One of the 2 wants to swtich to AT&T now or T-Mobile. I've always had AT&T (ATTWS at first then the saga that followed). Sprint lost about 5 million customers so far this year. THey say they are poised for growth in the 4th quater however. They seem to be dumping off all the old plans and non-paying customers faster.

Not so slate the otherwise well written piece at all, but...

As a pervious user I was able to snag data for at 50% off its retail price...

Should be:

As a previous user I was able to snag data for at 50% off its retail price


For a long part of the early 2000's Sprint and Verizon ...

Should be:

For a long part of the early 2000s Sprint and Verizon ...

The truth is, is that Sprint dug itself into a whole so deep that customers exploited the system.

In this usage, it should be "hole," no "whole." :P

He's doing a good job. I'd just recommend typing it in Word first, proofreading it, then posting. Other than that, good read.

As for Sprint... my mom left them after they tried to pull $700 from her. Ridiculous.

This is so rife with mistakes that it should not even be posted. I can't believe these pieces aren't reviewed before they are published.

I had Sprint for about 8 months and hated it. Left Cingular for a better price at Sprint and then promptly returned to them (then AT&T) after Spring couldn't hack it -- their world wide headquarters is seriously right down the street from me and I never got any signal.

sure customer service at sprint is horrible, but isn't it telling that so many people need to call customer service so much? I mean I have t-mobile and almost never have any problem that requires calling support, same for my friends with Verizon. But when my wife had sprint we were calling them every month, there was always a problem with being billed way to much for things that should have been covered by her plan. In the end we had to cancel it just because they were charging us more then twice as much as they should have been and their break down of charges were just insane. Sprint is a horrible company and this is what happens when you lie and cheat your customers.

You've got that right - the question I want to know; how the hell do these losers become CEO's of companies? is there a dart board full of 'clueless idiots' which they throw a dart at? If the company goes down the toilet - what's the chances the CEO along with management will roll along to the next company and run it into the ground?