Spyware Terminator

Millions of users worldwide rely on Spyware Terminator, winner of many awards and high ratings from industry experts and users. Its free comprehensive protection is comparable to competitors' paid versions!

Spyware Terminator includes:

  • Fast spyware scanning
  • 100% real-time protection
  • HIPS protection
  • Antivirus protection
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Free automatic updates
  • Free scheduled scans
  • Free support

Spyware Terminator will scan your computer for known threats and report findings in a manner that is easy to read and interpret. Every entry is given a rating and a classification, which makes it very easy to decide if a detected item should be removed. Unlike some free software titles, Spyware Terminator will remove all threats for free.

Spyware Terminator is licensed for free for both home and business use.

Download: Spyware Terminator - 632KB (Freeware)
View: Spyware Terminator Website

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So far Malwarebytes has replaced both Ad-Aware and Spybot for me. I use Spybot to get rid of some extra left overs, but Malwarebytes for the past year has saved my client's butt's really well and made me a hero in under 20 minutes too. CCleaner and Malewarebytes make a very good combo.

Welcome to the internet. If you haven't heard of this software then you probably reallly need it. Sorry to be sarcastic but if you still think adaware and spybot are the best... or worst yet if your still using Norton or Mcafee, there have been some significant evolutions to protection.

But there are personal preferences everywhere. I personally use avira for antivirus, windows defender and spyware blaster for greyware and windows firewall. This is not the most secure but it works for me and it's fairly light. For my friends who aren't so familiar with online security, I install these along with Spyware Terminator with some real time protection. It comes with an optional integrated ClamWin AV protection and a browser WebGuard which is nice but I usually leave turned off. However, I've strongly thought about turning them on and removing Avira.

Anyway, ST has caught some things that other protections can miss and free Real Time protection is, like you said, usually a trick, poor execution or both. ST is not one of them. It's not perfect but I think it's up there with the best. I use it over SuperAntiSpyware which I used to think was fantastic.

Long review short, it's defintiley worth using and it's far from looking amateur or gimmicky. Give it a try.

Millions of users worldwide rely on....snip

Never heard of it, sorry. And the name makes it sound like one of those dodgy websites that make you think you've got a virus or spyware just to trick you into paying for a peice of software you never needed in the first place.