Start Screen Unlimited Lite

Start Screen Unlimited

The ability to customize your Start Screen with your favorite apps and colors, adding people, photos and other tiles is a built-in feature in Windows 8. However, Windows only allows adding certain types of tiles to the Start Screen. With Start Screen Unlimited, you can easily bypass these limitations, and customize your Start Screen with just about anything. You can make your Start Screen show your favorite sports channel, add interactive menus, embed Google search, show digital or analog clock, or enhance the appearance of your Start Screen with anything you can imagine.

Personalize your Windows 8 Start Screen with quick menus!
With Start Screen Unlimited, you can group the most frequent actions into a single menu for quick access.
Switch users, shut down your computer or put it to sleep mode, launch applications or open frequently used documents from a convenient pop-up menu.

Start Screen Unlimited comes in two editions:
The free Lite edition greatly enhances your Windows 8 Start Screen at no cost.
The Deluxe version allows commercial use and adds the ability to create some really cool sub-menus.
Whichever version you choose, rest assured you won’t want the old Windows 8 Start Screen back after trying Start Screen Unlimited!

Is Start Screen Unlimited safe for using?
There is no system files patching or some other illegal tricks. Start Screen Unlimited is absolutely safe for installing and using.

Does it work on tablet devices?
Yes. It will work on any tablet with Windows 8/8.1.
Surface RT is not supported.

Download: Start Screen Unlimited Lite | 2.4 MB (Freeware)
Link: Start Screen Unlimited Home Page

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None of writers even visit the program web site.
Start Screen Unlimited Lite is not limited by functionality.
The screenshot is old.
New in version 1.5:
Displaying Windows Taskbar on the Start Screen and in modern apps.
Search provider selection.
Six useful tools in the System menu.
Advanced customization: visibility of any menu item or gadget.

Regarding the video showed on the Build, I suppose that Microsoft will get back the Start menu for desktops with some of the tiles on it. But they will never remove the Start Screen.

Seriously... what has the (welcome, for some) return of the desktop start menu got to do with those wanting to customise their start screen? I'll tell you what.. nothing.