StartW8 is a FREE but powerful tool for Windows 8 users. Do you prefer desktop to modern UI? Would you like to log-on directly to desktop? And than use Start menu for running your apps? Then it's right for you. StartW8 allows users to access their apps and folders with greater ease as it adds a fully-functional Start Menu to their Windows 8 computer/notebook. Users can also easily search a specific file or program by entering a relevant keyword, or they can simply shut down their PC, reboot or switch users.

StartW8 key features:

  • Automatically switch to desktop immediately after signing in
  • Added Windows 7 style Start menu
  • Activate menu with Win key
  • Log off, lock and turn off buttons
  • Traditional search field
  • Favorite applications
  • All user configurable
  • Support for silent installation
  • Multilingual support

Download: StartW8 | 1.3 MB (Freeware)
View: StartW8 Website

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cool great addition i was dreading start8 trial to expire lol.. sorry guys there is no way around having a start menu for productivity.. its simple fact

Colin McGregor said,
Start menu on Windows 8? lol fail

Totally. How dare someone try to add the beloved start menu back into this! /eyeroll

It seems nice. If later they decide to integrate the windows default theme, I'd certainly try it. Currently it's obviously custom-made. We're getting closer, though. I bookmarked their site to keep checking the progress.

desert_by_night said,
I know its free,but no 1 can bypass Metro like Startisback.

That is true but wish they put a Windows 8 theme on it.