Sumatra PDF 2.3

Sumatra PDF is a free PDF, eBook (MOBI), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ and CBR) reader for Windows. Sumatra PDF is small and starts up very fast. Simplicity of the user interface has a high priority. Portable version included (a single executable that can be run e.g. from USB drive and doesn't write to registry).

Changes in this release:

  • Greater configurability via advanced settings
  • "Go To Page" in ebook ui
  • add View/Manga Mode menu item for Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
  • new key bindings:
    • Ctrl-Up : page up
    • Ctrl-Down : page down
  • add support for OpenXPS documents
  • support Deflate64 in Comic Book (CBZ/CBR) files
  • fixed missing paragraph indentation in EPUB documents
  • printing with "Use original page sizes" no longer centers pages on paper
  • reduced size. Installer is ~1MB smaller

Download: Sumatra PDF 2.3 Installer | 3.9 MB (Freeware)
Download: Sumatra PDF 2.3 Portable | 2.5 MB
Download: Sumatra PDF 64-bit | 4.2 MB
View: Homepage

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Does sumatra have the pdf extension bug where if you go to uninstall and if you tried another pdf reader, the pdf extension wouldn't work unless you ran a reg fix which fixes the issue?

Install worked fine for me (Win 8 Pro x64). Love Sumatra PDF, just how software should be. Small. Fast. Does the job and no more.

Double that totally agree!!

Only wish all software was like that!

Just now installed on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit machine and no issues.